Sewing Tips from Reva: The Easiest Way to Cut Appliques for Your Embroidery!

March 26th, 2015
Make Applique Cutting a Breeze!

Make Applique Cutting a Breeze with Your ScanNCut CM550DX!

Have you seen what the new update for the ScanNCut CM550DX can do? It’s simply amazing!! Let me show you how quickly you can take an applique that is from your machine and have your SNC cut it out automatically for you. This info works with any Brother embroidery machine that has a color touch screen.

1) Choose an applique design that came on your machine – or create one with the auto applique feature if your machine has that capability.

2) Save the built in applique design onto a memory stick. Do this by touching the USB icon.

3) Put the memory stick into your ScanNCut and touch “Pattern.”

4) Next touch the USB symbol to read the design from your USB stick.

5) Open up the design from the stick. The design will be in a folder with the name “Pocket” in it. Touch the design you want to use.

5) How cool!! Once chosen, you will see that the cut line is ready for you to work with.

This is such a great new capability, you are going to love working with it! Even better is that with just a couple more steps on your embroidery machine, you can save any brand of applique design so you can cut the pieces on your ScanNCut. Make sure to watch our video on how I did this with an Anita Goodesign applique embroidery design:

And if you need to know more about how to install the new update for your ScanNCut CM550DX be sure watch this quick video:

Happy Sewing!

Ann’s “White and Black Binding”

March 12th, 2015

From Ann:

As I have been traveling around with Sew Fun I have had numerous requests for a copy of three demos I have done on Binding. I thought the easiest way would be to post them on the blog and then you could read and copy them. Here they are:

  1. Foolproof Binding Method
  2. Starting and Ending the Binding
  3. White and Black Binding


White and Black Binding

How often have you gotten to the binding and realized you were a few inches short? You can use muslin or other scrap fabric for the underside of your binding. Here’s how:
• For a 2 ¼” wide binding, cut your fashion fabric 1 ½” wide and a piece of muslin 1 ¼” wide
• For 2 ½” wide binding, cut your fashion fabric 1 5/8” wide and a piece of muslin 1 3/8” wide
• For a 2 ¾” wide binding, cut your fashion fabric 1 ¾” wide and a piece of muslin 1 ½” wide
• For a 3” wide binding, cut your fashion fabric 1 7/8” wide and a piece of muslin 1 5/8” wide

Using a ¼” seam allowance, stitch binding and muslin RST. Press seam toward muslin and then press your binding strip in half WST as you normally would. Bind your quilt as usual.

Ann’s “Starting and Ending the Binding”

March 12th, 2015

From Ann:

As I have been traveling around with Sew Fun I have had numerous requests for a copy of three demos I have done on Binding. I thought the easiest way would be to post them on the blog and then you could read and copy them. Here they are:

  1. Foolproof Binding Method
  2. Starting and Ending the Binding
  3. White and Black Binding


Starting and Ending the Binding

Step 1.
Starting: I begin on the center bottom edge. Fold the end of the binding at a 45 degree angle and press. Cut on the diagonal leaving a ¼” seam allowance. Start sewing the binding to the quilt with the folded edge of the binding open. Sew through one binding thickness for about 3-4 inches, keeping the raw edge of the binding lined up with the raw edge of the quilt top. Backstitch and cut threads.

Starting and Ending the Binding 1

Step 2.
Fold the binding into the doubled position. Start sewing an inch or so forward from where you end in step 1. Now continue sewing around the quilt. Miter your corners as usual.

Starting and Ending the Binding 2

Step 3. Ending:
After you have sewn the binding around the whole quilt stop stitching 4”-5” from the starting point, leave the needle down. Bring the unstitched end of the binding and overlap to the pressed 45 degree angle. Measure past the pressed edge and cut off the excess length, leaving ½”-¾” past the pressed edge. Tuck the end of the binding into the pocket formed at the starting point. Continue to stitch through all thicknesses and making sure you stitch past the point of your first stitching. Backstitch and cut threads. Enjoy!

Starting and Ending the Binding 3

Ann’s “Foolproof Binding Method”

March 12th, 2015

From Ann:

As I have been traveling around with Sew Fun I have had numerous requests for a copy of three demos I have done on Binding. I thought the easiest way would be to post them on the blog and then you could read and copy them. Here they are:

  1. Foolproof Binding Method
  2. Starting and Ending the Binding
  3. White and Black Binding


Foolproof Binding Method

This is a binding method that I have used for years. It is a fast and foolproof way to bind your quilts. It will give you the result of having your binding stitched evenly on the front and back of your binding. You can miter your corners as usual. The binding is stitched to the wrong side of your quilt & wrapped to the right side of your quilt for topstitching the binding in place.

START: Cut your binding 3” wide. Press in half WST as you would normally do to create your binding. Stitch the binding to the wrong side of your quilt using a 3/8” seam allowance, starting and ending with your favorite method. Remember when mitering your corner, you will need to stop stitching 3/8” from the edge. This distance is determined by the width of your seam allowance.

Foolproof Binding 1

Foolproof Binding 1

PRESS: Once you have stitched and mitered your corners, press the binding toward the seam from the right side of the binding. Wrap the binding to the right side of the quilt.

Foolproof Binding 2

Foolproof Binding 2

KEY TO SUCCESS: When wrapping the binding to the right side of the quilt, look for the 3/8” seam allowance stitching (Look for the Line). Wrap the folded edge of the binding so that it just overlaps this stitching by a couple threads. Topstitch binding using a 1/8” seam allowance from the folded edge of the binding. Your binding will be stitched evenly on the front and back binding! Practice a couple times and you will be a binding pro. Enjoy!

Foolproof Binding 3

Foolproof Binding 3

Photos From the Quilts of Valor Sew Day at our Tukwila Creative Center!

February 17th, 2015

Q.O.V. Sew Day at the Creative Center.

The National Quilts of Valor Sew Day was on February 7th, and we were proud to host a session of it at our Tukwila Creative Center!

The mission of Quilts of Valor is to cover all combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts. Participants in the Quilts of Valor Club donate their time and talent to make quilts for our service personnel.

Here are some photos of the great times we had and the great Quilts of Valor:

Quilting away

Creative Center Group




Donated by Friday Morning Strippers





Susan & Judy

The Quilts of Valor Club is free to attend, and meets once every month at the Tukwila Creative Center:
1203 Andover Park W, Tukwila, WA 98188 (map)

Learn more and reserve a space for yourself here on our website. We hope to see you at a Quilts of Valor Club soon!

We’ll Be on KBTC Saturday, Oct. 18th!

October 16th, 2014


Be sure to watch KBTC this Saturday 10/18 from 8:00am to 12pm. You will see great sewing and quilting shows like Quilt in a Day and Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting. Plus you will see many Quality Sewing staff members answering the phones during the annual pledge drive. Before you say, “Pledge drive? I don’t want to sit through that!” listen to what we are doing to help support sewing programs in the Great Northwest:

In conjunction with our joint sponsor Brother, Quality Sewing & Vacuum is giving away a Brother ScanNCut CM550DX and a Brother 990D Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine. Everyone who pledges on Saturday morning will be entered into the drawing to win one of these machines. The winner will be drawn Saturday about 12pm. The other machine will go to the individual who tenders the highest pledge on Saturday morning.

But that’s not all; to help support Public Television and keep sewing programs on the air, Quality Sewing & Vacuum will give everyone who pledges one ticket to the Northwest Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival that is held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds November 13-15. These tickets are a $10 value and are valid for all three days of the Festival. Plus if you pledge at the $100.00 amount or higher we will also donate a Quality Sewing 2015 Sew Fun Membership for Free!

Don’t miss this opportunity to support public television and keep the sewing shows that we love on the air.

Carmen LaPonte & Reva Flood
Quality Sewing & Vacuum Centers

PS: If you’re not going to be home Saturday morning but still want to pledge, you can call  1-800-325-5877 or pledge online at beginning at 8am Saturday.

Light Up Halloween with Spooky and Bright Designs!

September 15th, 2014

Spooky and Bright Designs

With Halloween approaching it’s time to have some spooky fun with Amazing Designs “Spooky and Bright” CD. This design pack was created so you can add lights or crystals to embellish your embroidery projects. We offer Fabric Lights that fit perfectly within the designs.

To add lights to your design:

  1. Embroider the desired design on anything you want to add a little sparkle to.
  2. Use small sharp scissor to poke a hole in the middle of the eyelets with-in the design. Trim away the extra fabric close to the inside of the eyelet; be careful not to cut the embroidery
  3. After the holes are trimmed, begin inserting the lights from the wrong side, taking care not to tangle the wires.
  4. Once the lights are inserted; place a rubber holding ring over the lights to secure them.
  5. Your lights are now in place and ready to use…enjoy!

For even more Halloween fun…

Download Baby Lock’s FREE Halloween Project E-Book Here!

8 Fun Halloween Projects!

8 Fun Halloween Projects!

More Great Halloween Projects:

Happy Halloween Project: Minkee Monsters!
Quick & Easy Halloween Tutorial Round-Up

Live From Baby Lock!

August 29th, 2014

Paul, Carmen, Reva, Jim, Pam & Margaret have been at Baby Lock Tech in St Loius this week seeing all of the new items that Baby Lock and Koala have to offer. You are going to love these new products that are going to make your sewing and quilting easier.

Here are a few of our favorite new items:

Your Destiny Awaits!

Take a Tour of the New Baby Lock Destiny with this great video with Sara Gallegos!

New Koala Cabinet Jumbo Insert
for the Baby Lock Destiny & Brother Dream Machine!

The Baby Lock Destiny & Brother Dream Machine now fit in all Model IV Koala Studios with this new Custom Jumbo Insert!

New Baby Lock Light Bar Systems

Baby Lock did not forget about the quilters. New Bright Light bar systems make it easier for you to see while you are quilting with your long arm quilting system or sit down system.

New Serger Koala Table
Designed for the Ovation, Evolution, Enlighten & Imagine

The New Ovation Table designed to make your serging easier! Built in trim bin and thread catcher. Built in spot for your knee lift.

Open the top and underneath is the perfect place to store your thread and the magnetic pin and tool sections are perfect to keep your favorite tools at your fingertips.

New Tiara Hopping Foot
and Couching Foot

New Destiny Trolley
& Embroidey Bag

Now you can easily take your new Destiny to class with the 360 degree rolling trolley and lovely embroidery bag.

Paul Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Paul, the owner of Quality Sewing, took the Ice Bucket Challenge (with Donny Cathey of Cathey’s Sew & Vac) at Baby Lock Tech to benefit the Be the Difference Foundation! Administering the bucket is Steve Jeffreys, President of Baby Lock USA.

You can watch the video on our Facebook page!

Chalkboard Wine Bag Sewing Tutorial

July 31st, 2014

Sew Fun for August has many great ideas for gifts for you to make. To get you started, here is a quick wine bag that you can personalize with Chalkboard Fabric, and Bistro Chalk Markers.




  • Sewing Machine and Serger in good working order
  • 18”x18” Burlap
  • 4” x18” Chalkboard fabric
  • Serger thread in beige (4 cones)
  • Sewing thread in black
  • Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Edge Stitching Foot
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Clover Wonder Clips
  • Bistro Chalk Marker, your choice of color
  • 25” of 1” wide ribbon, your choice of color




1. Burlap – 18” x 18” (I cut mine so that the frayed selvedge edge was the top of the bag. Example 1)

2. Chalkboard fabric – 4” x 18”

3. At your sewing machine: Place the long edge of the chalkboard fabric strip, across the width of the burlap, 8” from the top, not including the fringe. You can use a spray adhesive to keep the chalkboard fabric in place while stitching. Spray the back of the chalkboard fabric lightly. Example 2

4. Top stitch along both of the long edges with black sewing thread.

NOTE: Using an Edge Stitching Foot would make this task much easier.

5. At your serger: Bring the edges together, matching the short edges of the chalkboard fabric. Serge seam with a 4-thread or a 4-thread safety stitch.

6. Center the seam in the middle of the bag. Example 3. To simplify Step 8, press a crease in the lower sides of the bag.

7. Serge across the bottom of the bag.



8. Bring bottom seam and side crease together to form a triangle. Measure 1 ½” – 2” and cut with a rotary cutter. Repeat for the other side. Example 4.

9. Because burlap ravels easily, use Clover Wonder Clips to secure as you go to your serger. And, the Clover Wonder Clips are great for the serger, because you can’t accidently serger over them :)

10. Serge both edges. Example 5.

11. Press seams and turn bag right side out.

12. Write your celebration on the chalkboard fabric with a Bistro Chalk Marker.

13. Place wine bottle in bag and tie on your ribbon. Example 6.







Enjoy your sewing adventures!
Lana L Jones
Educational Consultant

Custom Name Flourish

July 22nd, 2014

By Lana L Jones, Educational Consultant, Quality Sewing

When you were a kid, you probably doodled your name on your notebook to see what you could make. With a few handy free apps, you can create custom name flourishes and easily use your Brother ScanNCut to cut them out of fabric for applique, paper and cardstock for scrapbooking, vinyl for glass etching or clothing…The “doodling” is endless!

1. Inkscape is a free program. Download it at

2. has free fonts for personal use. Download the font Antsy Pants and place in Fonts in your computer (check your computer’s “help” on how to do this).

3. At this time, I would also suggest creating a folder named ScanNCut or SNC. This will make it easy to save all of your files, class notes, designs, etc. in one folder.

4. Open Inkscape

5. Select File/New/A4. A4 is the size of paper – 210mm x 297mm or 8.3” x 11.7”

6. Select Create and Edit Text Objects in the tool bar on the left.

Example 1

7. Click the dropdown arrow for font selection at the top left of the page and select the font Antsy Pants. In Font Size click the dropdown arrow and choose 144px. Example 1.

8. Left click in the work area. You will see a flashing cursor. This is where the letters will start. Don’t worry if you did not place it in a good spot, we will be moving the lettering around to fit our needs.

9. Type the name you wish to use. Example 1.

Example 2

10. In order for Inkscape to create the cut lines so the ScanNCut canvas can use them, choose Select and Transform Objects from the tool bar. This will place a surrounding box around the letters.

11. Select Path from the menu bar. Then choose Object to Path. That is it… the software did the work, but you did not see anything happen.

12. While your name is highlighted, right click in the work area and select Copy, then right click again and choose Paste.

Example 3

13. The name may be over to the side of your screen. Left click and drag it and place it under the first entry. Example 2.

14. Select Flip Selected Objects Vertically. Example 3.

15. Select Zoom In or Out, then choose Zoom to Fit Selection in Window, so both names fill the screen.

16. Click Select. This will select the last entry you just flipped.

17. Left click and move the name up so that all the letters touch. Some letters, such as J and Y will overlap. You want as many letters touching as possible. Don’t worry about adjusting it left to right. We will take care of that in a minute.

18. Hold down the Shift Key on your keyboard and select both names.

19. Select Object from the menu bar. Choose Align and Distribute.

20. Select Align Left Edges.

21. While both are highlighted, select Object from the menu bar, then choose Group.

22. Select Zoom In or Out and choose Zoom to Fit Page in Window.

Example 5

Example 4

23. Click Select.

24. Select Rotate 90° Clockwise. Example 4.

25. At this time the letters are separated. We need to connect them so they look like a design instead of disjointed objects. Select Create Rectangles and Squares from the tool box.

26. Left click and drag a long skinny rectangle to connect all the letters together. You may find that you want to drag several so as not to cover up some of the holes. You will also need to decide the width. At the top of the screen you will see several boxes of numbers: W for width and H for height. Use these to easily adjust the rectangle to your liking. In the Example 5, the lines are in red to easily see what was done. I did not want the hole between the A’s covered up, so I made 2 lines.

NOTE: To make it a bit easier, I created a long slender rectangle that I liked, copied and pasted as many as needed. In this example I just needed 2. Then I simply adjusted the height to match the area where it was placed. I used the Alignment tools to align in a straight line, zoomed in and did the final adjustments.

Example 6

27. Select Edit, then choose Select All. Click Object and then Group. This will group our entire design, including the new lines.

28. Right click in the work area and select Copy. Right click again and choose Paste.

29. Select Flip Selected Objects Vertically. Move the new design to the left side of the existing design. Adjust it so that 2 or more areas are touching. Example 6.

30. Repeat Steps 26-27 for the right side. Make sure the new design is equal distance from the center design.

31. Holding down the shift key of your keyboard, select both of the new designs. Select Object from the menu bar. Choose Align and Distribute.

32. Select Align Top Edges. Example 7.

Example 7

33. Select Edit, then choose Select All. Click Object and then Group. This will group our entire design.

34. Select File/Save As. Choose or create a folder to save your new design.

35. In File Name enter the name you choose. Example: LanaFlourish.

36. In Save As Type, click the dropdown arrow and choose Plain SVG (*.svg).

37. Click Save.

38. Go to If you have not already done so, create an account; it only takes a few minutes.

Example 8

39. Sign into Example 8.

40. Select Import SVG/FCM File.

41. Click Choose File. Locate the file you just saved, left click on it, and click Open. Click OK.

42. You will now see your design on the ScanNCut mat. Even though we grouped it in Inkscape, it is not grouped here. If you want to move the design to the center of the mat, group it first. Select Edit, then Select All. Edit, then Group.

43. Select Edit, then Select All if you did not do this in the previous step. To make the design cutter friendly, select Weld. Welding means the outlines of multiple patterns can be merged together to create a single outline.

Example 9

44. To look at your welding, click the dropdown arrow for View. Click Show Only Cutting Line. You will see exactly where the ScanNCut will cut your project. Example 9.

45. In Project Title give your new design a name.

46. Click Download. The system will take a bit of time depending on the size of your design.

47. In the upper center of the pop-up screen you will see the name you gave to your file followed by a .fcm. This is the file format for the Brother ScanNCut. Right click on the file name and choose Save Link As. Then choose your ScanNCut folder or a usb stick and click Save. Example 10.

48. Click Close when you are finished saving.

49. Copy your saved file to your usb stick if you didn’t already save it there. Place the usb stick in your ScanNCut. Cut a custom name flourish!

Enjoy your creative adventures!!

Lana L Jones