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  • S.H.A.R.E. is Coming to the Puyallup Quality Sewing Store

    August 18, 2011

    Do you have a desire to help those in need and enjoy the fellowship of working with others of like mind?

    Sending Hugs and Reaching Everywhere

    S.H.A.R.E. (Sending Hugs and Reaching Everywhere) might just fit you perfectly.

    The S.H.A.R.E. group meets once a month, on the third Wednesday of each month from 1pm—6pm.  Some of the groups that have benefited from S.H.A.R.E.’s efforts are Multicare & Good Sam Hospital, Hospice in Tacoma, and Lifecare Center in Puyallup as well as a homeless shelter in Spokane.

    Some of the projects created include:

    • Hats & scarves for cancer patients
    • Walker bags for hospice
    • Cuddle Quilts for children in need
    • Much more!

    Don’t sew?  No problem! Come cut, iron, package kits, or give some encouragement!

    Projects are easy to sew and a great community spirit abounds!

    If you have any questions, contact Trina at sendinghugs@comcast.net


  • Easy Pocket Potholder Project

    March 22, 2011

    It is so hard to find potholders in fabrics that I like or that match my décor. An fast and easy way to get plenty of potholders that match any color scheme is to make your own. I would like to share with you a very easy to make pot holder that has pockets on the back side so that you can slip your hands into them for the best protection from the heat of your oven.

    Note: add 1/4” seam allowance to all sides of all pattern pieces.

    Start by choosing your fabric. You can use a fat quarter of fabric or mix match your fabrics.
    Cut 2 pieces of fabric from the main pattern piece and the appropriate batting (as listed on pattern piece).
    Next Cut 2 of the Pocket pieces. Fold these in half, along dotted line, with wrong sides together and press.

    Place one of the main fabric pieces right sided down on your work surface (this will be the bottom and will become the inside lining).
    On top of that, put your batting.
    Finally, place the remaining main fabric piece on the top of the rest (this will become the top or the main outside for your potholder.
    Pin your layers together (or use a basting spray like KK1000 or 505).
    Mark your quilting lines—these are 1 1/2” apart (see diagram on main pattern piece).
    Using a good quality thread (preferably cotton) in both the needle and the bobbin, quilt your potholder by stitching along your marked lines.

    Sewing Your Potholder:
    First, loop your ribbon in half and place the tails even with the edge of the fabric in one corner, make sure the potholder top is the side you are working with from this point forward.
    Stitch in place to hold.
    Now place one of your folded pockets so that the fold is toward the center & the seam allowances are matched up at the bottom.
    Pin into place.
    Place the other pocket in the same manner but with the seam allowances toward the top of the potholder.
    Stitch all the way around the potholder 1/4” away from the cut edge of the fabric.
    Stitch past the starting point by an inch or so to make more secure.
    Trim the edges, if needed, to make them even.
    Use a zigzag stitch to secure the edges of the seam allowances together. Stitch this with the right needle swing coming off of the fabric edge by just a hair. This will help keep it from getting stringy when washed.

    Turn the potholder inside out (flip the pocket flaps to the other side)
    You are finished! Make more :)


    Download the Potholder Pattern

  • All I want for Christmas is a Sewing Machine

    November 24, 2010

    Brother NS40

    “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”…..was an old song – but a phrase heard often lately is “All I want for Christmas is a sewing machine.”  It seems like all ages are expressing a huge desire to learn to sew!
    There are many wonderful choices for the perfect sewing machine to place under the Christmas tree.  One such machine is the Brother NS40. "Fashionistas” are familiar with the machine from its tie to the popular reality fashion show Project Runway.  Santa loves it because it is a reliable, easy to use, powerful machine that will bring happy memories of a wonderful Christmas for decades to come.  Careful shoppers often check some of the consumer research magazines for advice on making a wise purchase.  The Project Runway NS 40 has a large supply of awards and recommendations to its credit.  It is currently featured on the cover of Consumer Reports Magazine.
    This handy machine has the power to tackle hemming blue jeans and the finesse to handle chiffon or silk.  It has an automatic needle threader and a drop-in bobbin.  When a stitch is selected, it comes up with the proper length and the correct width to stitch perfectly, but it can be adjusted to suit your personal taste.  It has a nice assortment of included feet, including one for perfect one-step buttonholes in five different styles. It has an auto tie-off stitch program and it can sew without the foot controller being used.  This feature is excellent for a beginner because it allows the speed control to be adjusted to super slow and if the foot controller is used it won’t let it go too fast.
    This is only one of the truly excellent sewing machine choices that are available for you to choose from at Quality Sewing locations.  Did you know that if your purchase is made at Quality Sewing you will be receiving FREE lessons on how to operate the new machine?  Now that is an extra special gift for any recipient. As an added bonus, Brother is offering a $30.00 additional discount on this machine through December 6th, 2010! Drop by any one of the stores and let one of the expert elves assist you in selecting the perfect sewing machine for your gift giving this year.

    Happy Stitching!


  • Kids Summer Sewing Camp

    October 5, 2010

    Roselyn with the kids holding their finished projects.

    Six years ago, I was asked if I would like to teach kids to sew. Since I was a retired Home Ec and Elementary school teacher it was a dream of mine for several years. The Kids Summer Sewing Camp was launched and has become a summer tradition at the Bellingham and Mount Vernon store locations. This camp is designed to introduce kids ages nine and up to the joy and fun of sewing.  I have now added intermediate and advanced classes to the original beginning class. This summer's camp was a great success, ten girls ages 9-15 completed four projects.  While completing these projects they  learned how to operate their new Natalie Baby Lock Sewing Machines, cut out a pattern, read a pattern, make french seams, how fabric is made, what grain lines are, the purpose of finishing raw edges, using a variety of built in stitches, and many other sewing skills.

    A student working on her project.

    They all said  how much fun they had! It really kept me hopping to help each one. One young girl asked me how old I am and I said 75 years old, to which her Mother exclaimed "No way". The more you enjoy what you are doing, the younger you feel! Plans are already being discussed for next years camp. NOTE: Thank you Moms, Dads, Grandmas and all who let me teach your girls this year. I look forward to these camps every year and the fun and joy of working with these kids. Check out all of the fun classes that Quality Sewing has to offer here.

    Enjoy, Roselyn

  • My Daughter's Wedding Dress

    September 22, 2010

    The Finished Dress

    The Big Day!

    I have always loved to sew, and always dreamed of making my daughters wedding dresses...the more ornate the better!  When my first two daughters got married, one wanted just a little embroidery and beading, and the second  wanted her dress very plain and simple.  I made what they wanted, but still wanted to make a challenging dress!

    I was so excited when my stepdaughter emailed me a picture of a very ornate, beautiful wedding dress, and asked if I would be able to make it for her.   With the help of a friend who is very accomplished at pattern drafting and used to work in a bridal salon, we were able to make this beautiful gown.
    I made a trip to Portland to buy the lace for the bottom, and was able to save a substantial amount on the lace... (It was still difficult to cut into at over 50.00 a yard!).  I used embroidery designs from My Fair Lady, the Claire bridal collection, to embroider the bodice of the dress.  I must admit there were more hours in the dress planning in my head, and some heart palpitations as we cut parts of the dress using NO pattern...
    This truly was a joy and a labor of love!  She loved the dress, and I don't think I am too biased, but she was a beautiful bride!
    Did you make any wedding dresses this summer? We would love to see them and add them to this post. Email carmen@qualitysewing.com if you have one you would like to share!

    Happy Bride

    Happy Bride!

  • Embellished QSV Sweatshirts Show and Tell

    June 25, 2010

    This is the 25th year of business for Quality Sewing & Vacuum Centers. To commemorate our anniversary we had Quality Sewing & Vacuum sweatshirts made. We love the creative embroidery and embellishing we have seen on them. If you have embellished your Quality Sewing Sweatshirt and would like to share, email a photo of it to carmen@qualitysewing.com and I will post it our blog. Show and tell is so fun, we love it when you share!

    Happy Sewing, Carmen

    Sweatshirt Jacket by Anne from Issaquah

    Sweatshirt Jacket by Anne from Issaquah

    Mary from Everett Sweatshirt

    Quilted Sweatshirt by Mary from Everett

    Quilted Sweatshirt

    Quilted Sweatshirt Back by Mary from Everett

    Embroidered Sweatshirt by Jenny in Issaquah

    Embroidered Sweatshirt Front by Jenny in Issaquah

    Embroidered Sweatshirt Back by Jenny in Issaquah

    Embroidered Sweatshirt Back by Jenny in Issaquah

    Update: 8/1/2010

    Customer Midge made her twin Grandaughters adorable sweatshirts and I had to share the photos! Aren't they cute?

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