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Using PED Next to Change Any Existing Cutwork Embroidery Design to Make It Work With Brother’s PR Cutwork Kit

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Brother PE-Design Next with Cutwork Kit

Brother PE-Design Next with Cutwork Kit

Brother introduced an amazing cutwork kit to use with the PR series machines last year. This kit allows users to remove the first four needles and replace them with four different cutwork needles. These needles act like little chisels and can be used to cut out the different fabric shapes. There are many different cutwork designs available that embroiders have been using to create amazing cutwork embroidery. These stitch a line and have the embroiderer manually cut out the fabric inside the line; the machine then finishes the remaining stitching.

Using PED Next software, an embroider can import these existing manual designs and with a few clicks of the mouse the design can be made to work with the Brother PR Cutwork kit. This completely automates the process. The embroider launches the design and the machine cuts out the pieces, stops and lets the pieces be removed, then it continues and finishes the decorative outline.

In the following two tutorials, I will show you how to convert any existing design to work with the Brother PR Cutwork tool. The first tutorial replaces the stitched line with a cut line. The second tutorial replaces the stitched line with a reinforced line and a cutting line. It takes a little more work, but the reinforced line helps the fabric maintain its shape while the cutwork needles cut.

Please watch and enjoy:

Thank you,

Brother Pattern Alignment with the Snowman™, Innov-Eye™, and the Continuous Border Hoop

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

A new Brother software upgrade will provide precise alignment tools through use of the Snowman™ and the Innov-eye™ Camera System on some models of Brother machines. When the software upgrade is added to the machine, the included Camera Pattern Alignment program will add new capabilities to make design alignment even easier.

The secret to having continuous designs line up accurately has always been in getting the fabric hooped correctly. The new camera pattern alignment program lets the camera work with 2 snowmen and the software does the work of making each design match up properly. Designs can match at 9 connection points and the points can be adjusted by sliding for a completely new look.

How does this magic work?

  1. Select this icon on the screen of the machine:
    camera alignment
  2. A new screen will open. Select the point on the grid where the next design needs to attach:Next design goes here!
  3. Stitch the first design.
  4. When finished, the machine screen will guide you through placing the 2 snowman markers where they need to be. It will scan the snowman locations. Remove the fabric from the hoop (DO NOT REMOVE the SNOWMEN) and rehoop the fabric for the next design segment.
  5. Select the point on the grid where the next design will attach to the previous design. The machine will scan the snowmen.
    This is where the next design will attach to the previous design.
  6. Choose the new design (it doesn’t have to be the same as the one used first). The software will align the new design to the previous one.
  7. Stitch the design (if you are planning to add additional designs, select the icon again prior to completing the stitching of this design. Select where the next design will line up to the design you’re about to stitch. This will let the software know you are planning to add to the design).

The Continuous Border Hoop is not just for borders! If you like easy hooping then this is the hoop for you.

If you have ever struggled getting the hoop together nice and tight; or if you enjoy working with specialty fabrics such as leather, velvet, some silks etc; then you owe it to yourself to swing by your nearest Quality Sewing Store and take a close look at the amazing Continuous Border Hoop from Brother.

The hoop is a clamp hoop. Lay the fabric in place on the soft non-marking base, and press one side latch. Then it is an easy task to make certain the fabric is lined up as desired, just check the alignment lines on each side of the hoop and press the other side latch to secure the fabric. The top side of the hoop has a rubber grip that will hold the fabric securely and will not leave any marks or “hoop burn.”

Brother Quattro Software Upgrade Premium Pack III

Brother Quattro Software Upgrade Premium Pack III including the Continuous Border Hoop

Happy Stitching!

The Right Tool, The Right Time

Friday, June 10th, 2011

A good tool is valuable; a great tool makes the job easier. A great tool always saves money in the long run because it saves time and frustration.

I bought my Brother PR 600 in 2004 and have always relied on its workhorse ethic. It has always been ready to tackle any job. In fact recently I was asked to complete an order for a shop that couldn’t complete in time to meet a deadline. The only issue occurred when the customer questioned why some hats were “cleaner and more precisely stitched” than others. The shop owner was quite distressed to find out that his customer preferred the hats that had been stitched on my machine!

Brother PR1000

The Brother PR1000

My machine has paid for itself a dozen times over. I have never seriously considered a different machine (even though I will confess to looking). New features became available, but I’ve never been seriously tempted to upgrade until now.

The new beauty that has caught my eye is the Brother PR 1000. It isn’t just the beauty of the design, the larger hoops, support table, new software integration features and new accessories that make it attractive. Isn’t that enough? Hooping an item consistently perfect is always a challenge, so I am confident the Innoveye™ camera will save me lots of rehooping time. The new hat hoop embroiders up to 14” wide – ear to ear without rehooping. This feature will also be a big time-saver for me. I can do the cap front and 2 side designs without rehooping!

Brother PE Design NEXT Software includes some amazing business features that are designed to save time:

    Brother PE Design Next Software

    Brother PE Design Next Software

  1. Link: lets one computer control up to 4 PR 1000 or PR 650 machines. Each machine can be working on a different task with up to 100 designs in queue.
  2. Name drop: names can be typed or imported from a spreadsheet. The software will place them in the proper position in the design and save them all in one quick process. I used to do this task manually and I had created a routine to be efficient – this tool has reduced my design prep time by 90%
  3. Database provides printing a catalog of designs for customer viewing and selection. (This is huge because different design color and font choices may be printed–to be viewed by group members prior to a decision.) It has a special page that can be printed with all the design and item information included for easy filing in your records.
  4. It also includes manual and auto digitizing, photo stitch, impressive resizing capabilities, editing and much more.

Time=Money. Saving time in my work process will create more income for my family. I will be taking a PR 1000 home to join its older “Brother” in my sewing room. I’m looking forward to using the exciting new features.

Stop by one of the Quality Sewing locations and see this beautiful machine in action – it truly is amazing!

Happy Stitching!

Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I love wonderful designs that are used to quilt projects but don’t feel skilled enough to create these patterns perfectly by free hand.  In many instances I prefer to do the quilting of my projects with my embroidery machine. This process is really quite simple.

  • Wind a bobbin with the same thread that will be used in the needle.
  • Layer your quilt top, batting, & backing—I will use a light mist of KK2000 Adhesive Spray to hold the layers together.
  • Mark the center of  the area that you want the quilt design to go with a fabric marker.
  • Place the quilt in your hoop, making sure that the desired center is lined up with the hoop center.
  • If you are using a quilt design that is just lines, there is no need to add stabilizer since you have 3 layers of fabric & batting.

Tip—I really like using Battilizer for my embroidered quilt projects.  No matter how many stitches are in a design, I find it works very well.
The results from using your embroidery machine for quilting produce such nice results.
Recently I was able to apply this technique on the new Brother PR1000 ten needle embroidery machine.
This machine has the ability to sew designs in it’s new jumbo (14” x 14”) hoop.

  • How this hoop works is that a design is created for the large hoop in the software and then sent to the machine.
  • The design is automatically split into 2 halves so the machine can sew it out.
  • The first half of the design is stitched, then the machine will ask if you want the other half to be next.
  • When answered with OK, the machine will ask for a positioning sticker to be placed on the fabric and it will use it’s camera to scan the fabric and locate the sticker.
  • Once finished scanning, you will be prompted to rotate the hoop and then the machine will scan once again, find the sticker and automatically align the second half perfectly with the first.

I cannot think of a more difficult type of design to realign than one that is just straight stitches.  It was very impressive to see how well the quilt pattern that I used seamlessly matched up.  You really have to look for where the design is split.  What a great way to quilt a generous sized block!  It was quite fun and easy. No matter what size hoop your machine uses, I encourage you to try quilting with your embroidery machine!


Live from Nashville – Brother Introduces a New 10 Needle Machine!

Monday, August 16th, 2010
Brother PR1000

Brother Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000

A Perfect 10 in Nashville the introduction of Brother’s new PR1000 embroidery machine.

I attended this morning’s unveiling of Brother’s new embroidery machine and had a chance to sew on it as well. Being spoiled by state of the art embroidery machines from Brother like the Quattro 6000 and PR650, I naturally had high expectations but I was surprised and impressed by how far this machine exceeded those expectations.

This amazing new machine really takes embroidery to the next dimension. Even if you already own a 6 needle machine, haven’t you wished for a couple more colors? With 10 needles you can spend more time embroidering and less time changing threads. A 50,000 stitch 10 color design embroiders 30% faster than a single needle machine and 12% faster than a 6 needle machine! The PR1000 Entrepreneur features a first ever 10 thread eyelet threading system that eliminates tangles and and maintains perfect tension on all 10 needles, even as the needle bar moves. The lighting system is brilliant: 7 Full Spectrum LED’s give you the brightness of 35 light bulbs and eliminate shadows on the huge embroidery field.

Another embroidery first: InnovaChrome LED thread color system. Underneath each of the 10 thread spools is full color LED light which mimics the color of the thread that belongs on the spool for each design. Don’ t have the right thread color for your design? No problem. Use the InnovaChrome system to visually match the recommended color to the the threads you do have. In addition, these InnovaChrome lights flash to advise of thread color change, thread breakage and design completion status.

InnovEye Technology. Just like the Quattro 6000D the PR1000 features InnovEye technology with a built-in camera above the needle. Now you can use the snowman sticker to perfectly match the angle of your embroidery to the angle of your hooped fabric. Precise positioning of your center and starting point is easy with the new 200% actual size zoom and visual grid function. Broken thread? Use the InnovEye to view the breakage point, then select the grid function to determine the spot to restart your embroidery.

Did I mention size? With the optional 14″ x 14″ jumbo frame, the PR1000 can stitch huge jacket back embroidery designs without re-hooping. There’s also an 8″ x 8″ quilting frame and a 4″ x 12″ border frame for continuous borders. The cap frame allows you to embroider 14″ x 2.5″, literally ear to ear across the cap. It also has a cool rotating attachment jig that makes hooping your caps easier than ever.

With large designs like this, the PR1000 includes a very cool large worktable that folds away. You don’t have to remove it when you want it out of the way, you simple flip it out and down. This table will also be available all current 6 needle machines. PENext, Brother’s new software designed for the PR1000 offers 200 name drop templates, ideal for embroidery team jackets, hats or shirts Simply drop in the new name at the beginning of each embroidery!

I could go on and on, but it might be more fun to visit Brother’s website to see videos of this new machine in action. We hope to have floor samples in each store in about 10 days.

Thanks for reading my first “blog” post ever!