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Brother ScanNCut CM550DX Scanner and Cutter - Sewing & Embroidery Edition

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Quick Overview

The world's first hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner! Sewing & Embroidery Edition


No more design cartridges. No PC required. ScanNCut will change the way you think about cutting machines forever. Welcome to a whole new world of innovation, with the world's first home and hobby cutting machine with the magic of a built-in scanner! The secret to ScanNCut's amazing versatility lies in the 300DPI built-in scanner. Only ScanNCut can take an image, photo, or hand-drawn sketch, scan it, and allow you to precisely cut the shapes or outlines that you want. Now the only thing limiting your creativity is your imagination.


Space-Saving Auto-Layout Capabilities
Do you often find yourself wiht a collection of odd-shaped scraps of paper and fabric that you likely won't be able to use again? With the space-saving capabilities of ScanNCut, get the maximum use out of your material. Using the background scan option, simply scan your material into the machine and watch as an image of the material quickly appears on the large color LCD touch screen. From there, see the exact placement of where your designs will lie on the material prior to cutting them out. Even the smallest scraps can be utilized when working with this innovative crafting tool!
Background Scan
The magic of ScanNCut lies in the ability to scan your materials using the 300 DPI built-in scanner. See the scanned image on the large color LCD touch screen, open your cut design and, using the stylus, simply move the cut design over the desired area for a perfect cut without measuring or using a computer.
Select from the wide variety of built-in designs or from your gallery of scanned images to build your own unique cut designs. User the welding feature to combine shapes, hand drawings, fonts, and more directly on teh large color LCD touch screen. Combine detailed or intricate cuts in seconds to simply group designs into one piece prior to cutting.
Scan to USB
Can you believe it? With ScanNCut, there is no need for a clunky stand-alone scanner! With the 300 DPI built-in scanner, scan virtually anything into your machine to be saved as a cut file. As a bonus, you can use ScanNCut to scan important documents, files, artwork, photographs, and evne your child's favorite drawings, and save to your USB to be used for future use. USB not included.
On-Screen Editing
Editing designs is both quick and easy with ScanNCut. Every editing function can be done on the LCD touch screen. Easily convert your scanned designs into custom cut or draw files. Customize designs by changing the shape, size, or position, even using just part of a design. With the ability to weld, rotate, and resize your designs, you'll ove having the ability to create fully-detailed designs to your liking – all without the use of a computer or expensive design cartridges.
Seam Allowance and Sewing Guidelines
Have you ever struggled with piecing together your fabric when working on various sewing and quilting projects? ScanNCut gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in &frac14" increments to assist you in piecing together fabric pieces for your quilts, cloithing, and more. But wait; it gets better! You can even utilize the erasable pens to create sewing guidelines on your designs to assure virtually perfect placement of your stitches.
Large Scanning and Cutting Area
Using the included 12" x 12" cutting mat, or the 12" x 24" cutting mat (available for additional purchase), easily create and cut a wide variety of designs – from one as small as a delicate snowflake for a holiday ornament or one as large as an inspirational wall quote to place in your family living room. Plus, the cutting mats double as a scanning mat for ease of use!

Included Accessories:

• Standard-Cut Blade Holder
• Standerd-Cut Blade
• Deep-Cut Blade Holder
• Deep-Cut Blade
• 2 Standard Mats: 12" x 12"
• Low-Tack Adhesive Mat: 12" x 12"
• Spatula
• 2 High-Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheets
• 2 Iron-On Fabric Applique Contact Sheets
• Touch Pen
• 6-Color Pen Set
• 2-Type Erasable Pen Set
• Pen Holder
• 50 Special Applique Patterns on CD

Additional Information

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