Bernina L 450 Serger

Bernina L 450 Serger

Bernina Q-Matic Longarm Quilting Automation System

Bernina Q-Matic Longarm Quilting Automation System

Bernina L 220 Coverstitch Machine

Professional-looking finish in a single step
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MSRP: $1,299
Cover - and chainstitch for a professional look

Working with an overlocker/serger sewing speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute means saving time. Sewing projects take shape quickly and with little effort. Innovative features make Bernina overlockers/sergers delightfully easy to use, ensuring professional quality down to the last stitch. The overlocker/serger is a perfect companion to the sewing machine as a specialist in coverstitch and chainstitch.

• Automatic looper threader
• Flat joining seam with coverstitch
• Simple hem with coverstitch
• Adjustable differential feed while sewing
• Elastic application
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Availability In-Store Only
Color White
Show Prop. 65 Notice N/A
Features Automatic looper threader
With the Bernina L 220's fuss-free automatic chain looper threader, you'll stay cool during the threading process while getting to know one of the nicest sides of the L 220 - its amazing user-friendliness. The L 220 virtually threads itself, with just a little help from you.
Flip open the lid, press down the threader, thread the looper, release the threader, and that's it - threading has never been so easy! Yet another way in which sewing with the Bernina L 220 is a pleasure right from the start.

Flat joining seam with coverstitch
With some clothes, nothing should rub against your skin. The coverstitch provides perfectly flat joining seams for superior wearing comfort. The 3-thread narrow coverstitch is the perfect flat hem for all stretch fabrics; it also can be used as a decorative topstitch seam for T-shirts, sportswear, knit and jersey garments, lingerie and sweatshirts.

Simple hem with coverstitch
Measuring 5 mm or 2.5 mm, this coverstitch has the precise width most often used in ready-to-wear clothing, so garments will look professional.

Elastic Application
Create a professional-looking elasticized edge for sportswear and children's clothing. Stitch elastic to the raw edge of the fabric, turn and topstitch. The resulting edge is stretchy, durable and retains its shape.

Adjustable differential feed while sewing
What do you do when fabric waves or puckers while it's being sewn? This often happens with knits or fine fabrics, and it's annoying when you want everything to look picture-perfect. With the Bernina L 220, you can simply "tune out" effects like this, thanks to the infinitely variable differential feed. You can even do this while you're sewing - simply "tune" the Bernina L 220's differential feed dial on the outer right hand side of the machine as necessary. This way the fabric only gathers when you want it to, since - conveniently - the same control used to prevent puckering is also used to achieve a controlled gathering effect.

Stitch Variations
• Total number of stitches: 4
• 4-thread coverstitch, 5 mm
• 3-thread coverstitch, 5 mm
• 3-thread coverstitch, 2.5 mm L/C
• 2-thread chainstitch

Comfort Features
• Automatic looper threader
• Color coded threading paths
• Thread tension release when presser foot raised
• Adjustable stitch length while sewing
• Adjustable differential feed while sewing
• Sewing light

Technical Specifications
• Seam width: 2.5 mm and 5 mm
• 2-step presser foot lift with front foot lift
• Adjustable presser foot pressure, H/M/L
• AC Motor
• Sewing speed: 1,300 stitches per minute
Built-In Stitches 4 Total stitches
Built-In Embroidery Stitches N/A
Embroidery Features N/A
Connectivity N/A
Included Feet Coverstitch and chainstitch compensating foot
Chainstitch foot
Included Accessories • Set of needles
• Tools and accessories in a separate bag
• Dust cover
Warranty N/A
Additional Information N/A
Instructor N/A
Location N/A
Video N/A
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