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  1. Creature Comforts

    Creature Comforts
    The change from summer to fall brings on what I like to think of as blanket weather. There is nothing better than snuggling into a warm blanket while reading, covering your lap while you are sewing or just draping a beautiful blanket on the couch for fall décor. When I saw these adorable creature blankets I knew I had to...
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  2. ScanNCut Christmas Pennants

    ScanNCut Christmas Pennants
    In this tutorial, you will be creating a Christmas Pennant for a gift box with helpful tools in ScanNCut Canvas. There are many beautiful borders and lettering just waiting to be used in this fun project. Skills you will learn: Removing parts of a border Dividing a border Sizing Welding Distinguishing line and drawing types Fill the area in an outline...
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  3. ScanNCut Canvas: Getting Started

    ScanNCut Canvas: Getting Started
    ScanNCut Canvas is free cloud-based software to let you create, prepare, add-on, remove, save, etc. a design for your ScanNCut. You can also create rhinestone designs and make stickers and stamps. The software is automatically updated so you do not have to do anything for the newest releases. The formats that can be used in ScanNCut Canvas are SVG, JPG...
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  4. Quick Halloween Ghostly Embroidered Plush

    Hello! This is Chris with Quality Sewing, and I’d like to show you how I made these adorable little plush ghosts with the Brother Dream Machine: I confess I’m actually not much of a sewist; I work behind the scenes of Quality Sewing in advertising. But the Dream Machine is so unbelievably easy to use that even I could do...
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  5. September Sew Fun Harvest Sweatshirt Tutorial

    This is a fun use for an embroidery design set that was originally designed to be a table runner. Lee decided to be extra creative and use the design set to embellish a cute sweatshirt jacket. It was simple to do and makes quite an impact. You could use a variety of design sets to create your own stunning project...
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  6. Chalkboard Wine Bag Sewing Tutorial

    Sew Fun for August has many great ideas for gifts for you to make. To get you started, here is a quick wine bag that you can personalize with Chalkboard Fabric, and Bistro Chalk Markers. Supplies: Sewing Machine and Serger in good working order 18”x18” Burlap 4” x18” Chalkboard fabric Serger thread in beige (4 cones) Sewing thread in black...
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  7. Custom Name Flourish

    By Lana L Jones, Educational Consultant, Quality Sewing When you were a kid, you probably doodled your name on your notebook to see what you could make. With a few handy free apps, you can create custom name flourishes and easily use your Brother ScanNCut to cut them out of fabric for applique, paper and cardstock for scrapbooking, vinyl for...
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  8. New Video: Embroidering Multiple Designs on a Pashmina Scarf

    Pashmina scarves are a great accessory. But they can be made to be even greater with embroidery. Watch our new video where Reva guides you through how to place multiple embroidery designs on a pashmina scarf: For this project, Reva used a couple of very useful products: Wet 'n' Gone Stabilizer Reva used Floriani Wet 'n' Gone Stabilizer...
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  9. Create an Easy Jacket from a Pashmina Scarf

    What a quick and easy project to make for yourself or a gift? Why not give transforming a Pashmina Scarf/Shawl into a cute jacket? Pashmina scarves come in so many pretty colors and are so soft, you just want to wrap yourself up in them  (A pashmina is a long rectangular scarf/shawl with fringe on both short ends and is...
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  10. Sewing Perfect Circles with Circular Attachments

    There isn't a "Foot of the Month" video for December 2013. Instead, Reva tells you all about the Circular Attachments that let you sew perfect circles! Inquire about a Circular Attachment for your sewing machine at your local Quality Sewing, or see them on our website here.
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