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  1. Reva's Tips: Getting Clean

    Reva's Tips: Getting Clean
    I call it creative organization… When in-between projects, it is so satisfying to clean up and make my space fresh and ready for the next creative adventure. With so many great things to work on, I have been trying to keep some kind of handle on the chaos during a project so that the cleanup time is less work all...
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  2. Reva's Tips: What's In Your Toolbox?

    Reva's Tips: What's In Your Toolbox?
    Sometimes we find a product with which we find great success and enjoy using for years. Other times we use the same product over and over because that is "just what we use" and either don't know of anything better or just don't bother to try something new. Recently RNK (the creators and makers of Floriani products) partnered up with...
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  3. Reva's Tips: Get Yourself Organized

    Reva's Tips: Get Yourself Organized
    Sometimes It is so easy to get excited about a new project that we may not have taken the time to make sure that we have everything we need before starting. This can cause frustration, delay of project completion or abandonment of the project altogether. Using a planning journal is a great way to keep all your project information in...
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  4. Reva's Tips: Why on Earth Would I Want Embroidery Software?

    Reva's Tips: Why on Earth Would I Want Embroidery Software?
    I love technology and computer stuff. What I really love is using embroidery software. Digitizing (creating embroidery designs from artwork) is so much fun for me but I know this is not the case for everyone. So lets chat for just a minute about the everyday uses for embroidery software. Embroidery software does so much more than simply creating designs...
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  5. Reva's Tips: The Shape of Things

    Reva's Tips: The Shape of Things
    After months of sewing for others it is time to start sewing something that is just for you. At least something that YOU want to make! I have never enjoyed prepping for my next project especially the cutting part. Cutting is not part of my "joy" in sewing. If you are like me, I have the thing for you. Do...
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  6. Reva's Tips: Keep it In Line

    Reva's Tips: Keep it In Line
    The new year is upon us and it is time to get our priorities in line and sew straight. Well, at least there is hope for the latter. Sewing a straight line when stitching in the ditch or top stitching can be a real challenge. If you want to stay on the straight and narrow, try out these feet: Quarter...
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  7. Reva's Tips: Personalize It - Custom Embroidered Gifts

    Reva's Tips: Personalize It - Custom Embroidered Gifts
    Personalized gifts are always a hit for the Holidays. Having the right tools and fun items to embroider will make gift creation a joy! Below are my favorite tips for quick personalized gifts: Adding a name, monogram or design to a purchased item or garment: A side seam may need to be unstitched (opened up). This will give you more...
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  8. Reva's Tips for Freestanding Lace

    Reva's Tips for Freestanding Lace
    Fall is officially upon us! Now is the time to settle in and sew! At the recent "Sew What’s New Parties," we had the most adorable freestanding design CDs. These are as cute as can be and include 3D seasonal items and even a village of houses. They are buttoned together so they stand up and can be unbuttoned to...
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  9. Reva's Tips: Trimming Tips

    Like many of you, I enjoy applique projects using my embroidery machine. This of course calls for the trimming of fabric around the shape to be appliqued. Here are a few things that will make your trimming a cut above! Give it room—Give yourself a large enough piece of fabric to hold onto. Using a piece that just barely fits...
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  10. On the Road aka "I'm On Vacation"

    Reva & Robin in Michigan at a local quiltshop on their way to a Quilt Retreat. So you long for the open road and lazy days of not doing much of anything? Sounds good doesn't it? What could possibly be better, you ask? Why sewing on the road of course! Did you know that it is OK to give...
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