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  1. Live From PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Part 3

    Today was a very fun 5D Suite day for sure!  In the 3rd in the series of my software Certification classes, I got to focus quite a bit on Design Creator. I am not even sure that I can pinpoint one thing that is my favorite.  Everything I learned has been so great and these new features just blow me...
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  2. Live from PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Software Part 2

    Now that I have had a chance to play with the 5D Suite—I am even more impressed! One of my favorite features of the 4D Suite is Encore. This feature is even better in the 5D Suite.  You might be wondering what Encore is; This is a feature in the software that allows you to take an embroidery design and...
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  3. Live from PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Software Part 1

    Finally I am in Minneapolis, MN at the annual Pfaff convention! I have just seen some of the things that the NEW 5D Embroidery Software can do.  Boy am I excited!  Some of the exciting changes are: 5D Embroidery The screen appearance is fresh and large. It seems like the icons are easier to see. There are new wizards that...
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