1. Designer Embroidered Jeans in 4D Part 6: Stitching Out

    At last! We've reached the final stage - stitching out the design. For me, this is the most nerve wracking part of the process. After all the work put into setting up a design, it's exciting and often a bit scary when it comes time to actually stitch out the design. Thankfully, there are some options for stitching out the...
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  2. Designer Embroidered Jeans in 4D Part 5: Splitting Design

    Time for the final step before stitch-out - splitting the design! Remember that you can click on any image to see a bigger picture if needed. First, I will open up the 4D Design Aligner program - the button looks like a multicolored ball. That, in turn will launch the Load Design Wizard. To the left is the first screen...
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  3. Designer Embroidered Jeans in 4D Part 4: Optimizing Design

    So, to recap: we've determined the size of our overall design and made a custom hoop size, we've selected our embroidery motifs, and we've combined the motifs to create our overall design. Now we're going to optimize our design for more efficient stitch out. First of all, I make sure to save my design - this will also combine the...
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  4. Designer Embroidered Jeans in 4D Part 3: Combining Designs

    I've mentioned in a previous posting how much I enjoy many of the new machine embroidery designs. There seems to be a trend developing away from 'single motif' embroidery toward more modular designs that can be combined in a number of ways to create many different looks. It's this 'mix and match' ability that makes the Fashion Roses design set...
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  5. Designer Embroidered Jeans in 4D Part 2: Choosing a Design

    Now comes the fun part - choosing the design! I purchased my first embroidery machine 10 years ago, and as a result, I likely own more embroidery designs than I will ever stitch out in my lifetime! And I am very certain that I will continue to collect designs that capture my interest. That being said, I think we are...
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