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  1. The Birthplace of the World’s Finest Sergers

    The Birthplace of the World’s Finest Sergers
    Have you ever wondered what it took to build the amazing Baby Lock sergers? Who are the people who invented the home serger in 1965 and have brought us countless improvements and innovations over the past 50 years? My wife and I recently visited the Baby Lock factory in Yamagata, Japan. We enjoyed a hero’s reception and spent a full...
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  2. Live From Baby Lock!

    Paul, Carmen, Reva, Jim, Pam & Margaret have been at Baby Lock Tech in St Loius this week seeing all of the new items that Baby Lock and Koala have to offer. You are going to love these new products that are going to make your sewing and quilting easier. Here are a few of our favorite new items: Your...
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  3. 2011 APWQ Show

    The APWQ Show a few weeks ago at the Tacoma Convention Center was so inspiring!  I sure hope you were able to attend.  If you missed it, I will try to give you a brief recap. The APWQ (Association of Pacific West Quilters) hosted what will now be an annual show in Tacoma.  There were so many beautiful quilts to...
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  4. KBTC Sewing Shows and Recent Pledge Drive

    Do you watch the sewing shows on KBTC? They have a wonderful flight of sewing & quilting related sewing shows each Friday and Saturday morning. We are so lucky to have so many great sewing shows playing in our area! Many communities are lucky to have 1 or 2 sewing shows that play weekly and we have 8 different...
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  5. KBTC Pledge Drive This Saturday!

    Be sure to watch KBTC this Saturday morning October 9th from 9am to Noon. Not only will you see the wonderful flight of sewing and quilting shows that broadcast every Saturday, but you will see many Quality Sewing Sew Fun educators and staff answering the phones during the annual pledge drive. Before you say, "pledge drive, I don't want to sit through that...
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  6. Scan Feature

    The Best just got Better! Owners of the Brother Quattro and the Baby Lock Ellisimo now have an opportunity to add even more innovative features to their incredible machine. Now with the Brother Quattro Upgrade or the Baby Lock Ellissimo Upgrade, you can have these amazing new tools to make your embroidery even easier: Resize – The upgraded Quattro and...
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  7. Rekindling Your Love for Sergers

    Have you ever found yourself  “eating crow”?  I have and I sure don't like to acknowledge it, let alone admit it out loud very often.  Recently, I found myself in such a humiliating situation but have only mentioned it to a few.  Well, they say that confession is good for the soul … There is one thing that I know...
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