Brother Quattro

  1. Brother Pattern Alignment with the Snowman™, Innov-Eye™, and the Continuous Border Hoop

    A new Brother software upgrade will provide precise alignment tools through use of the Snowman™ and the Innov-eye™ Camera System on some models of Brother machines. When the software upgrade is added to the machine, the included Camera Pattern Alignment program will add new capabilities to make design alignment even easier. The software upgrade is a part of the single...
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  2. Live from Brother Convention in Nashville!

    Nashville is really hot, and it is not just the weather. The new Brother 2012 products are amazing, and I wanted to share some of them with everyone as soon as possible! Here are the highlights: New Brother Quattro 2 New Top of the Line Quattro 2, NV6700D: Quattro 2 has all of the features of the Quattro 1 including...
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  3. The Perfect Seam Allowance

    Quilters often struggle with keeping an accurate ¼” seam. Garment sewers have always known that being just a tiny bit off the seam line can really impact the way a garment fits. That must be the reason that last pair of slacks were a little too tight! Fortunately for all sewers there is a perfect answer to accurate seam widths...
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  4. Foolproof Embroidery Design Positioning

    “It is important to have the right tool for the job.” That was some great advice I received from my father.  A new essential tool in the embroidery industry is the snowman marker. What is it that makes this little marker the right tool for the job?  The snowman marker works with the Brother Quattro Sewing/Embroidery machine.  It is a...
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