Brother Software

  1. Brother Pattern Alignment with the Snowman™, Innov-Eye™, and the Continuous Border Hoop

    A new Brother software upgrade will provide precise alignment tools through use of the Snowman™ and the Innov-eye™ Camera System on some models of Brother machines. When the software upgrade is added to the machine, the included Camera Pattern Alignment program will add new capabilities to make design alignment even easier. The software upgrade is a part of the single...
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  2. PE Design Next

    PE Design Next is an easy to use, complete software package that includes: Photo Stitch, Auto digitizing, Digitized fonts plus all the True Type fonts on your computer, Easy editing of existing designs, Resizing with recalculation of stitches, Full manual digitizing tools and much more.  If you already own PE Design Version 5, 6, 7 or 8, the good...
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