1. Cutting Wool Felt With Brother's ScanNCut

    We've been getting a lot of questions recently about how best to cut felt on Brother's new cutting machine, the Brother ScanNCut. So Reva made this video where she demonstrates successfully cutting out felt designs that you can watch here: Cutting Wool Felt on Brother's ScanNCut One key to successfully cut felt is to stabilize the fabric as much as...
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  2. Garden Fresh Quilt Pattern: Free Download

    I was watching a rebroadcast of a Fons and Porter Love of Quilting show (Episode 1506: Garden Fresh) recently. Currently this episode is available to watch only on Public Television. The guest on the show was Gail Kessler, who designs fabrics for Andover Fabrics. It was very interesting to hear how the designing of fabric is approached. One thing that I found very fascinating is that...
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  3. Mitering a Border Print, Will It Work?

    I love stripes but finding a way to feature them in a project can be a challenge.  When I find a stripe fabric that is great, I like to feature it in my project so that it looks its best. Mitered Borders are a great way to achieve this.  But how do you know if the border print or stripe that...
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  4. The New TrueCut Comfort Cutter by Grace Company

    Grace Company is known for it's TrueCut rotary cutters that in conjunction with their rulers, mats and grips, form a cutting system that enables more accurate cutting. This system is safer and easier than traditional rotary systems. I was so excited to try out the newest rotary cutter available from Grace Company, The TrueCut Comfort Cutter. The Comfort Cutter...
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  5. How To: Simply Perfect Gathering Using Clear Elastic

    I love the look of a lightweight fabric gathered into a shirt yoke, but I really, really dislike stitching gathering threads! Whenever I gather fabric using gathering stitches, it always seems like I either do not distribute the gathers as evenly as I'd like, or I get big tucks here and there, or - worst of all - I end...
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