garment construction

  1. C1100 Pro-Smarter by Pfaff

    There is a new member to the Pfaff Sewing Machine family. Just unveiled at Pfaff convention, this machine boasts many desirable features that will benefit the quilter, home decorator, and garment creator alike. One of the features that I find most appealing is the 9” of well lit working space for large amounts of fabric. This helps make sewing draperies...
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  2. My Daughter's Wedding Dress

    I have always loved to sew, and always dreamed of making my daughters wedding dresses...the more ornate the better!  When my first two daughters got married, one wanted just a little embroidery and beading, and the second  wanted her dress very plain and simple.  I made what they wanted, but still wanted to make a challenging dress! I was...
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