multi needle embroidery

  1. The Right Tool, The Right Time

    A good tool is valuable; a great tool makes the job easier. A great tool always saves money in the long run because it saves time and frustration. I bought my Brother PR 600 in 2004 and have always relied on its workhorse ethic. It has always been ready to tackle any job. In fact recently I was asked to...
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  2. Live from Nashville - Brother Introduces a New 10 Needle Machine!

    A Perfect 10 in Nashville the introduction of Brother's new PR1000 embroidery machine. I attended this morning's unveiling of Brother's new embroidery machine and had a chance to sew on it as well. Being spoiled by state of the art embroidery machines from Brother like the Quattro 6000 and PR650, I naturally had high expectations but I was surprised...
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