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  1. Effortlessly Scan Images for Embroidery with the New Flip Pal Mobile Scanner

    I  just returned from a trade show in Las Vegas and I'm excited to share with you the neatest thing that I saw there. Brother has just came out with a brand new hand held portable scanner.  You can quickly and easily scan photos and other images without a computer connection. Use the scanned images to create beautiful, realistic...
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  2. PE Design Next

    PE Design Next is an easy to use, complete software package that includes: Photo Stitch, Auto digitizing, Digitized fonts plus all the True Type fonts on your computer, Easy editing of existing designs, Resizing with recalculation of stitches, Full manual digitizing tools and much more.  If you already own PE Design Version 5, 6, 7 or 8, the good...
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