1. Using PED Next to Change Any Existing Cutwork Embroidery Design to Make It Work With Brother’s PR Cutwork Kit

    Brother introduced an amazing cutwork kit to use with the PR series machines last year. This kit allows users to remove the first four needles and replace them with four different cutwork needles. These needles act like little chisels and can be used to cut out the different fabric shapes. There are many different cutwork designs available that embroiders have...
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  2. Brother Pattern Alignment with the Snowman™, Innov-Eye™, and the Continuous Border Hoop

    A new Brother software upgrade will provide precise alignment tools through use of the Snowman™ and the Innov-eye™ Camera System on some models of Brother machines. When the software upgrade is added to the machine, the included Camera Pattern Alignment program will add new capabilities to make design alignment even easier. The software upgrade is a part of the single...
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  3. The Right Tool, The Right Time

    A good tool is valuable; a great tool makes the job easier. A great tool always saves money in the long run because it saves time and frustration. I bought my Brother PR 600 in 2004 and have always relied on its workhorse ethic. It has always been ready to tackle any job. In fact recently I was asked to...
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  4. Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine

    I love wonderful designs that are used to quilt projects but don't feel skilled enough to create these patterns perfectly by free hand.  In many instances I prefer to do the quilting of my projects with my embroidery machine. This process is really quite simple. Wind a bobbin with the same thread that will be used in the needle. Layer your...
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  5. Live from Nashville - Brother Introduces a New 10 Needle Machine!

    A Perfect 10 in Nashville the introduction of Brother's new PR1000 embroidery machine. I attended this morning's unveiling of Brother's new embroidery machine and had a chance to sew on it as well. Being spoiled by state of the art embroidery machines from Brother like the Quattro 6000 and PR650, I naturally had high expectations but I was surprised...
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