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  1. The New TrueCut Comfort Cutter by Grace Company

    Grace Company is known for it's TrueCut rotary cutters that in conjunction with their rulers, mats and grips, form a cutting system that enables more accurate cutting. This system is safer and easier than traditional rotary systems. I was so excited to try out the newest rotary cutter available from Grace Company, The TrueCut Comfort Cutter. The Comfort Cutter...
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  2. Vacuum Survival Tips for the Holidays

    It's that time of year that we are all scurrying around trying to clean our houses before company comes over! It's work enough preparing to entertain, but when your vacuum doesn't work right, it is even harder. Your vacuum cleaner is an important tool to keep your carpets and floors clean. With the holidays coming, your vacuum will be put...
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  3. Project Preparation Tips for Streamlining Your Sewing

    Photo: The back pieces of a vest lining pinned together for quicker assembly. I do not sew quickly. Sometimes it's one of my greatest frustrations. Part of the problem is my penchant for experimentation and challenging projects. I just can't resist trying out new tools and techniques - after all,that is how we learn. While it definitely broadens my sewing...
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  4. Hem Templates Make Hemming Quick and Easy

    Anyone who has used a pattern by The Sewing Workshop (Linda Lee) is likely familiar with the concept of tag board hem templates. Louise Cutting also uses them in the new Industry Insider Techniques DVD from Taunton Press. These are simply strips of heavy paper (tag board) cut to specific widths to make measuring and pressing hem depth a very...
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