1. ScanNCut Type Converter

    This application is used to create cutting data for character patterns from TrueType fonts installed on your computer. Have you been wanting to cut letters from the True Type fonts in your computer, but found it difficult to get it right? Brother has a FREE download to do just that!! Go to and click on Downloads. From Search by...
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  2. ScanNCut Christmas Pennants

    ScanNCut Christmas Pennants
    In this tutorial, you will be creating a Christmas Pennant for a gift box with helpful tools in ScanNCut Canvas. There are many beautiful borders and lettering just waiting to be used in this fun project. Skills you will learn: Removing parts of a border Dividing a border Sizing Welding Distinguishing line and drawing types Fill the area in an outline...
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  3. Loading Artwork Into ScanNCut Canvas

    Loading Artwork Into ScanNCut Canvas
    If you have not used ScanNCut Canvas before, create your free account. If you are unsure how to do this, click here to watch this video from Brother. Create an account, then log in. Once the software opens, you will see dozens of Canvas Projects from holiday decorations and gift giving to creating cards and decorative fabric projects. The possibilities...
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  4. ScanNCut Canvas: Getting Started

    ScanNCut Canvas: Getting Started
    ScanNCut Canvas is free cloud-based software to let you create, prepare, add-on, remove, save, etc. a design for your ScanNCut. You can also create rhinestone designs and make stickers and stamps. The software is automatically updated so you do not have to do anything for the newest releases. The formats that can be used in ScanNCut Canvas are SVG, JPG...
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  5. Tip From Reva: Your ScanNCut and Iron-On Vinyl

    Do you love your electronic cutter? I simply love the ScanNCut and thought that I would share with you some tips for using Iron-On Transfer Film Sheets. When this vinyl material is cut it can be applied to fabric or a garment to add your own custom flair; it will look a bit like it was screen printed. Here are...
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  6. Tip from Reva: Etched In Stone... Well, Glass Anyway: Glass Etching with the Brother ScanNCut

    I love to explore and try many different creative techniques. Lately I have been exploring glass etching using my Brother ScanNCut. The supplies needed for Etching on glass are very simple: • Etching Cream - this does the actual work • Plastic Spatula - to apply a nice, even coat of cream • Mask Vinyl - cut your design out...
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  7. Sewing Tips from Reva: The Easiest Way to Cut Appliques for Your Embroidery!

    Have you seen what the new update for the ScanNCut CM550DX can do? It's simply amazing!! Let me show you how quickly you can take an applique that is from your machine and have your SNC cut it out automatically for you. This info works with any Brother embroidery machine that has a color touch screen. 1) Choose an...
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  8. Custom Name Flourish

    By Lana L Jones, Educational Consultant, Quality Sewing When you were a kid, you probably doodled your name on your notebook to see what you could make. With a few handy free apps, you can create custom name flourishes and easily use your Brother ScanNCut to cut them out of fabric for applique, paper and cardstock for scrapbooking, vinyl for...
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  9. Cutting Wool Felt With Brother's ScanNCut

    We've been getting a lot of questions recently about how best to cut felt on Brother's new cutting machine, the Brother ScanNCut. So Reva made this video where she demonstrates successfully cutting out felt designs that you can watch here: Cutting Wool Felt on Brother's ScanNCut One key to successfully cut felt is to stabilize the fabric as much as...
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  10. Brother ScanNCut: The Worlds 1st Cutting Machine with a Built-In Scanner!

    We're very excited for Brother's brand-new ScanNCut, in-stock now at all store locations! Brother's ScanNCut is a cutting machine that can cut intricate designs out of various papers, fabrics for applique, stickers, and more, for a wide variety of crafting projects. But the ScanNCut is the first cutting machine in the world that has a built-in scanner so you can...
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