1. Sewing Tip from Reva: Threads For Your Thoughts

    30wt thread, 40wt thread, 50wt thread Thread weights can be so confusing! Let's demystify thread, shall we? With thread, the general rule is that the higher the weight number the thinner the thread. This means a 50wt thread is finer/thinner than a 30wt thread. 30wt Thread Most all-purpose polyester thread, like Aerofil is 30wt thread. This thread is stronger and...
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  2. How To: Machine Embroidery Using Metallic Thread

    Like many machine embroiderers, I have a love/hate affair with metallic embroidery thread. I love the way it shimmers and shines and can add a little extra 'pop' to a design. But sometimes it can be very frustrating to sew with. Having just finished a pair of jeans with one leg entirely embroidered in metallic threads (I get a little...
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