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10 Sewing Tips & Tricks from Baby Lock

Check out these fun tips that I just came across:

Sewing Tips & Tricks - Get organized, get thrifty and get inspired today with these sewing tips for 2010 from Baby Lock:

  1. When sewing a garment that require buttons, take one of the extra buttons and sew it to the inside of the garment. If one of the buttons comes off that garment, you won’t waste time looking for a replacement button.
  2. Organize your stash by color – whether it’s thread, fabric, trim or buttons – to save time looking for these items later.
  3. Stop looking for extra sewing projects to make – check out the Free projects on the Baby Lock and Designer’s Gallery sites.
  4. When cutting your fabric, use washers, canned goods or fabric weights instead of pinning your fabric – this really saves a lot of time!
  5. Prevent wear and tear on your machine (and your arms!) by taking a smaller travel size machine to sewing classes. The Sofia is a lightweight options for a sewing and embroidery travel buddy.
  6. Sometimes it’s more fun to skip the shopping and cutting and jump straight to the creating. Eliminate the time used to select and cut fabric by purchasing pre-cut fabric kits.
  7. When embroidering, use a smaller embroidery hoop for your designs. This helps prevent using / wasting more stabilizer than needed.
  8. Black out curtains: Instead of using curtain liners, use black out curtains as part of your home décor. These curtains not only prevent the sun from fading your furniture, fabrics or threads, they also help cool down your room by blocking out the sun.
  9. Regardless of how much we paid for our sewing machines, they are a very important piece of machinery to us. So why not protect them? Plug your sewing machines in a surge protector to prevent a power surge.
  10. Before starting a new sewing project, make sure you purchase all the supplies first. It can be very frustrating trying to start a project only to realize that you don’t have everything you need. Do you really want to make another trip back to the store?
- Carmen
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