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Bobbin Work

Add texture, depth and individual style to all your projects

A new spin in decorative sewing is Bobbin Work. Bobbin Work allows sewers to use various threads, yarn and ribbon that can’t pass through the eye of a needle in decorative stitches to add texture and make them look hand stitched. Wow, my grandmother would really have appreciated this!

It really is an easy process, simply wind the heavy decorative thread on the bobbin. Insert the bobbin into the special bobbin case and stitch on the back side of stabilized fabric. Using an embroidery thread that coordinates in color with the bobbin thread in the needle, will yield a superb look.

It is helpful to fuse or use spray adhesive to attach the stabilizer to the back of the fabric. Then it is possible to draw lines or designs to follow when doing the decorative stitching.

The Laura Ashley Machine from Brother includes a special bobbin work bobbin case and door cover. The bobbin case has a tension system that makes it work beautifully with the heavy threads.

Decorative Bobbin Work and crystals accent this table topper creating a unique conversation piece

The special bobbin door cover helps keep the bobbin seated just perfectly and prevent any bouncing around that might occur when using heavy, uneven threads.

The Brother Quattro upgrade and the Baby Lock Elissimo upgrade also includes the special bobbin work set. It also includes 14 beautiful embroidery designs that can be stitched with the decorative threads or even narrow silk ribbon.

Embellishing the outside edges of the floral pattern with Bobbin Work creates an intricate border around the flowers that appear detailed and hand sewn

The best news of all is that now both Brother and Baby Lock have put together bobbin work sets that fit most current models! These kits are an economical way to add exciting new stitching styles to most any Brother or Baby Lock sewing machines! The heavy threads give the look of hand stitched. Stop by one of the Quality Sewing locations and ask to see a sample of the bobbin work stitching, it really is fun! Heavy thread yields the look of hand stitching!

For even more information on bobbin work, check out this informative blog from Threads.

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