Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Sewing

Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Sewing

Paul & Christine with their daughters Carmen & Annalee. Circa 1985.

So it was September 1985 and Christine and I had our 1200 square foot store in Juanita and our friend Jerry Belvill had his store in the Burien area. We had been sharing the cost of advertising in the Seattle Times with John Coan who owned Ballard Sewing. John decided it was time to retire and sold his store to Jerry and me. This was the start of Quality Sewing & Vacuum Centers.

A lot has changed since then. I remember the first fax machine we purchased for the company. It cost over $700. It used the thermal paper roll, so you had to photocopy anything that you wanted be able to read six months in the future. And the salesman came to the store to install the machine and teach us how to use it!

Like fax machines, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners have made huge improvements in the last 25 years. They are much easier to use and actually offer more value for the price (even without adjusting for inflation). In 1985 our top of the line Pfaff, the model 1469 sold for $1200 and was roughly equivalent in features to machines that sell for $600-$700 today.

In 1985 many people sewed to save money and needed solid basic machines. We still sell many of that type of machine today. However, this business has grown much more fun over the years. Today we offer a full range of machines from very basic to wonderful embroidery, quilting and serging machines. Today’s machines are more than sewing machines. They are designed for creative sewing and enjoyment. Along with these wonderful machines we continue to grow our education offerings, seminars and special events to bring you the latest sewing techniques, products and creative inspiration.

In the vacuum world a lot has changed as well. Sure, we still have upright and canister vacuums, they still are designed to clean our homes, and we still service most brands of vacuums. In 1985, every vacuum out there was repairable, made in the USA and designed to last 20 years. Today, we hand pick our vacuum offerings to bring you great vacuums that actually clean well and are designed to last.

While looking back over the last 25 years, we are also looking forward to the next 25. Along with our dedicated staff of over 100 full and part-time folks, several of our children are involved in keeping Quality Sewing & Vacuum strong and viable for the next 25 years and beyond. I would like to thank each of you, our loyal customers, for your business over the years.


Paul LaPonte

Owner, Quality Sewing Centers

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