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Clover to the Rescue!

Clover to the Rescue!

By Lana L. Jones




I teach a lot of classes that I take my press to, and that is great as the press has 100 pounds of pressure when the arm is pulled down which makes for excellent pressing. But, with the number of people trying to get their projects done and the fusibles used in class, the pressing surface and iron shoe can get pretty dirty. So I decided to clean the iron shoe and make a new cover for the pressing surface.

Clover to the rescue! I started by cleaning the iron shoe with Clover’s Press Perfect Iron Shine Cleaning Pen. This product can be used on a cold iron for light grime and a low temperature for heavy grime. I used a cold iron and removed several months of burned on fusibles and other grime. I did have to scrub a few spots, but the results were excellent.

Then I removed the original cover and removed the casing to reuse it on the new cover. I used the old cover as a pattern and traced it onto the fabric.

At my serger I don’t want to hit a pin. Clover to the Rescue! I will use my Clover Wonder Clips to hold the casing to the cover so I can’t accidently hit a pin.

Clover Wonder Clips Clover Wonder Clips

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

Once the casing is in place with the Clover Wonder Clips, I needed something to help keep the casing to the curves and help in areas I needed to stretch it a bit and still keep the seam straight. Clover to the Rescue! I used the Clover’s Press Perfect Hold It Precision Stiletto. With an angled tip for great visibility and a heat resistant silicone tip at the other end for use at the iron (no burned fingers), the casing went on perfectly!!

Thanks for the rescue, Clover! Thanks for the rescue, Clover!

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

~Lana L Jones

Educational Consultant






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