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Design the Sewing Room of Your Dreams with Nancy Zieman

Design the Sewing Room of Your Dreams with Nancy Zieman

Do you have your own sewing room? I wish I did! I sew in my dining room and living room, stashing my machine and supplies in the hall closet. I have three small children so the majority of my sewing happens late into the evening hours. I shut down shop when I am not sewing and put away my machine and all my supplies when not working on a project for the safety of my kiddos and to protect my favorite fabrics. Having an organized sewing and crafting room would be a dream for me! My current set-up takes so long to prepare to sew, I often don't work on a project unless I have at least an hour or more to work on it. I know I would sew a lot more if I had a designated sewing space and a sewing cabinet.

Does this dilemma sound familiar? Having a designated sewing space makes sewing much more accessible. Plus it allows for more organization and saves you time and energy so you can just enjoy sewing! A sewing and craft room can take shape in many ways and can be set up in a corner, a closet, an attic or even an entire room.

Nancy Zieman has teamed up with Koala cabinets to create the sewing room of her dreams. Take a tour of Nancy's dream sewing space and get inspiration to create a sewing space or room in your home. Also view the Customers Style Gallery where owners of Koala cabinets have shared their own sewing studios. Its great to see a wide variety of different spaces that are utilized for sewing and crafting! Plus you can enter to win a Koala Studio from Koala Cabinets, click here to read more details and enter the contest which ends 12/31/10.

My Mother's sewing room with the Koala Treasure Chest Plus IV and Koala Storage Center Plus IV in Birdseye Maple.

Not all of us can have the luxury of such a large space like Nancy for a sewing room. Here is an image of my Mother's sewing room. She has taken a standard bedroom sized room and created a sewing and crafting room.

What is your sewing room like? We would love to see what your sewing room looks like, send us an image to share with all of our customers for inspiration and motivation to re-vamp our creative spaces!

Happy dreaming . . .




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