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Sewing Tips from Reva: The Easiest Way to Cut Appliques for Your Embroidery!

Sewing Tips from Reva: The Easiest Way to Cut Appliques for Your Embroidery!

Make Applique Cutting a Breeze!

Make Applique Cutting a Breeze with Your ScanNCut CM550DX!

Have you seen what the new update for the ScanNCut CM550DX can do? It's simply amazing!! Let me show you how quickly you can take an applique that is from your machine and have your SNC cut it out automatically for you. This info works with any Brother embroidery machine that has a color touch screen.

1) Choose an applique design that came on your machine - or create one with the auto applique feature if your machine has that capability.

2) Save the built in applique design onto a memory stick. Do this by touching the USB icon.

3) Put the memory stick into your ScanNCut and touch "Pattern."

4) Next touch the USB symbol to read the design from your USB stick.

5) Open up the design from the stick. The design will be in a folder with the name "Pocket" in it. Touch the design you want to use.

5) How cool!! Once chosen, you will see that the cut line is ready for you to work with.

This is such a great new capability, you are going to love working with it! Even better is that with just a couple more steps on your embroidery machine, you can save any brand of applique design so you can cut the pieces on your ScanNCut. Make sure to watch our video on how I did this with an Anita Goodesign applique embroidery design:

And if you need to know more about how to install the new update for your ScanNCut CM550DX be sure watch this quick video:

Happy Sewing!


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