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Easy Pocket Potholder Project

Easy Pocket Potholder Project

It is so hard to find potholders in fabrics that I like or that match my décor. An fast and easy way to get plenty of potholders that match any color scheme is to make your own. I would like to share with you a very easy to make pot holder that has pockets on the back side so that you can slip your hands into them for the best protection from the heat of your oven.

Note: add 1/4” seam allowance to all sides of all pattern pieces.


Start by choosing your fabric. You can use a fat quarter of fabric or mix match your fabrics.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric from the main pattern piece and the appropriate batting (as listed on pattern piece).

Next Cut 2 of the Pocket pieces. Fold these in half, along dotted line, with wrong sides together and press.


Place one of the main fabric pieces right sided down on your work surface (this will be the bottom and will become the inside lining).

On top of that, put your batting.

Finally, place the remaining main fabric piece on the top of the rest (this will become the top or the main outside for your potholder.

Pin your layers together (or use a basting spray like KK1000 or 505).

Mark your quilting lines—these are 1 1/2” apart (see diagram on main pattern piece).

Using a good quality thread (preferably cotton) in both the needle and the bobbin, quilt your potholder by stitching along your marked lines.

Sewing Your Potholder:

First, loop your ribbon in half and place the tails even with the edge of the fabric in one corner, make sure the potholder top is the side you are working with from this point forward.

Stitch in place to hold.

Now place one of your folded pockets so that the fold is toward the center & the seam allowances are matched up at the bottom.

Pin into place.

Place the other pocket in the same manner but with the seam allowances toward the top of the potholder.

Stitch all the way around the potholder 1/4” away from the cut edge of the fabric.

Stitch past the starting point by an inch or so to make more secure.

Trim the edges, if needed, to make them even.

Use a zigzag stitch to secure the edges of the seam allowances together. Stitch this with the right needle swing coming off of the fabric edge by just a hair. This will help keep it from getting stringy when washed.

Turn the potholder inside out (flip the pocket flaps to the other side)

You are finished! Make more :)



Download the Potholder Pattern

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