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Embroidering with Metallic Threads & the Designer Diamond deLuxe

Have you ever embroidered with metallic threads? I just love how they look. However, when using these temperamental threads, one thing that needs to be considered is that normal tensions and sewing speeds don't always work well for metallic threads. Even when the machine is adjusted for them they can be tricky.

I had a very different experience this past week. Some of our stores had the privilege of having an educator from Viking come and show us the features of the new Designer Diamond Deluxe. One of the most amazing advancements of this machine is the new automatic Deluxe Stitch System.

What is that? This new technology is a secondary tension system that when turned on, replaces the traditional style tension disks of the machine. It is a set of rollers that smoothly glide the fabric through and releases the appropriate amount of thread for the thickness of the fabric and thread that you are using. So no matter how thick or thin your project, the feeding of the thread is adjusted automatically. In most cases, you will not even give tensions a single thought.

The project that we stitched out was a very sheer scarf using designs that were created on the machine and using metallic thread in both the needle and in the bobbin.

Metallic threads in both the needle and bobbin?! Are you kidding?!!! I said the same thing.

What makes this work so well is that we used the Deluxe Stitch System instead of the traditional tension disks.

It was really quite fascinating how the Deluxe Stitch System accommodated the metallic threads in both the needle and bobbin without making any adjustments at all. There was no need to test sew, adjust tensions, test sew again. The machine was even able to stitch with the metallic threads at a high speed due to this new System.

Before this experience, I really did not understand the advantages of the Deluxe Stitch System. Once I saw it in action and tried it for myself it was very impressive. I invite you to stop by one of our stores and try it for yourself. It is something worth seeing!


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