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Free Travel Purse Project

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Use this handy purse when flying, going to the beach, on a cruise, or going to your next Sewing/Quilt Expo. It's just the right size to carry your driver's license, cash, credit card, and/or room key. One side has a clear pocket for your name badge, passport, or cell phone. Wear it across your shoulder for security, or short, in front for easy name badge viewing.

Download the PDF Instructions Below:

Download the PDF! Download the PDF!

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

Sewing Supplies:

• PFAFF® 1⁄4 Quilting Foot for IDTTM system 820926096

• PFAFF® Narrow Edge Foot for IDTTM system 820609096

• PFAFF® Sewing Star Foot for IDTTM system 820654096

• PFAFF® 7/9 Hole Cord Foot for IDTTM system 820608096

• 1⁄2 yard 8” wide INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Stabilizer (white) 620112196

• or 1⁄2 yard 12” wide INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way, (black) 620113496

• 1⁄2 yard 8” wide INSPIRA® Fusible “No Show” Mesh 620111796

• 1⁄4 yard sports weight cotton fabric @58”- 60" wide (Fabric A)

• 1⁄8 yard clear vinyl (medium weight)

• 2 Bright colored polyester zippers (7"- 9" or longer)

• (optional) Pearl Cotton or Pearl Crown Rayon

• (optional) 1⁄8” wide – 1⁄4” wide Ribbon

• Robison Anton 40wt. rayon embroidery thread in bright colors

• Bobbin thread

• Construction thread

• Chalk fabric marker or other suitable marker

• 1" bias tape maker

• Steam iron

• Straight pins

• Point turner


1 @ 6” x 18” Fabric A for purse front

1 @ 6" x 19" Fabric A for purse back

1 @ 2” x 60” Fabric A for strap

4 @ 11⁄2” x 7” Fabric A for passport pocket sides

1 @ 4 1⁄2” wide x 7” high clear vinyl for passport pocket


4 @ 11⁄2” x 4” Fabric A for expo name badge pocket sides

1 @ 41⁄2" wide x 4" high clear vinyl for expo name badge pocket


1. Cut the 6” x 18” front fabric into 3 pieces as pictured.

2. Use a chalk marker, or other suitable fabric marker to draw a diagonal lineacross a 6” x 7” fabric piece.

3. Place a piece of 7" x 8" INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way Stabilizer underneath.

4. Thread your PFAFF® with a bright colored embroidery thread.

5. Snap on the PFAFF® Sewing Star Foot. Engage the IDTTM system.


1. Sew a row of decorative stitches over the marked line. The Antique Hand Embroidery Stitches will show up nicely.

2. Change to another bright colored decorative thread, select another stitch, and using the edge of the presser foot as a guide, stitch another row of decorative stitches. This is a great opportunity to use Triple Stitch with Stitch CreatorTM to get a bold look from some of the light-weight stitches.

3. (optional) Thread 9 Strands of Pearl Cotton or Pearl Crown Rayon into each of the holes in the PFAFF® 7/9 Hole Cord Foot. Snap on the foot and engage the IDTTM system.

4. Sew one of the pictured 9mm wide Quilting Stitches over the cords using contrasting embroidery thread.

5. (optional) Sew a row of Ribbon Stitches, being sure to leave enough ribbon at the beginning and the end, to sew into the seam allowances. Or, perhaps you would like to sew some of the Floating Stitches.

6. Continue embellishing as desired on the front of your purse.

7. When complete, tear away the stabilizer. Press from the wrong side.

8. Iron a 6” x 7” piece of INSPIRA® Fusible “No Show” Mesh on the back, covering the bobbin thread. This will secure the threads, and prevent a pencil or other object placed into the purse from going into the back side of the stitching.


The zippers will be stitched between each of the sections across the 6” width.

1. Thread with Construction Thread in the needle and the bobbin. Snap on the 0A Foot. Engage the IDTTM system. Select Straight Stitch and move the needle to the far left.

2. Place a zipper face down, over the top 6”wide edge of the embellished front piece. Line up the long edge of the zipper tape to the top edge of the fabric. The zipper ends may extend beyond the width of the fabric, and will be cut off later. Be sure no metal part of the zipper will be at the 1⁄4" side seam allowances.

3. Pin the zipper in place.

4. Place the top edge of the purse under the center opening of the 0A Foot. The zipper teeth should be to the left of the zipper.

5. Straight stitch along the length of the zipper. The stitching will be almost centered in the tape.

6. Repeat for the other edge of the zipper, which will be attached to the 4" x 6" center piece.

7. Sew the second zipper along the other edge of the 4" x 6" piece, and to the top edge of the remaining 6" x 7" purse front fabric.

Decorative Stitches Along the Zipper

1. Thread with contrasting decorative thread.

2. Attach the PFAFF® Narrow Edge Foot. Engage the IDTTM system.

3. Select a Blanket Stitch. W=3 L=3

4. Sew along the zipper, placing the guide of the foot in the seam. Move the blanket stitch slightly to the right, if needed, to allow the forward step of the blanket stitch to sit on the zipper tape, just off the edge of the fabric. The "bite" of the blanket stitch should go into the purse fabric, away from the zipper.

5. Repeat, sewing the blanket stitch along the remaining zipper edges.


The pocket can be made 7" tall to allow a passport or cell phone to fit securely inside. Or, the pocket can be made 4" tall for wearing a standard sized name badge. The steps are the same, only the height is different.

1. Cut the vinyl either 41⁄2" wide x 7" high, or 41⁄2" wide x 4" high.

2. Place one side edge of the vinyl pocket between two pieces of 11⁄2” x 7” fabric

or 11⁄2” x 4”, right sides together. Do not pin through the vinyl.

3. Thread with construction thread.

4. Snap on the PFAFF® 1⁄4" Quilting Foot. Engage the IDTTM system.

5. Select straight stitch.

6. Sew along the side edge.

7. Repeat for the other side edge, sewing the two other pieces of fabric to the vinyl. The vinyl will be framed on both sides with fabric.

8. Fold the fabric out, and finger press the seams. Pin the outside edges of the fabric together. Do Not Use an Iron, and Do Not Pin through the Vinyl!

9. Set aside.

Strap & Pocket Top Edge

1. Use a 1” bias tape maker and a hot, steam iron, to press under the edges of the 58”- 60" length of fabric. (Trim the width according to bias tape maker instructions according to the weight of your fabric.)

2. After pressing, cut a 7” length from the strap for binding the top edge of the pocket.

3. Place the 7" piece snugly over the top edge of the fabric/ vinyl /fabric pocket. Overhanging ends can be trimmed later.

4. Snap on the PFAFF® Narrow Edge Foot. Engage the IDTTM system. Using straight stitch, move the needle position over the binding to be sure to catch all the layers.

5. Sew along the edge of the binding fabric at the top of the pocket. Set aside.

6. Next, topstitch along both long edges of the strap.

Adding the Pocket to the Purse

1. Place the pocket over the purse front (or back, if desired). It is suggested if making a passport pocket, to place it over the plain fabric, and wear the passport next to your body with the decorative stitches showing. If making a name badge pocket, place the pocket over the embellished fabric so the decorative stitches and your name badge will show.

2. Pin the pocket in place through fabric only, not through the vinyl.

3. Straight stitch 1⁄8" from the edge near the sides and bottom.

4. Trim away any excess fabric from the pocket. Be sure the purse is "squared up".

5. If you are making a name badge pocket, straight stitch the pocket to the purse front along the side seams near the vinyl. This will keep the name badge centered.


1. Place one back purse fabric end over the vinyl pocket bottom, right sides together.

2. Straight stitch 1⁄4" seam along the bottom edge.

3. Trim the corners at this time! (not later)

4. Fold the fabric open and temporarily to the back. You should see 1⁄4" of fabric below the vinyl, which creates a "frame" for the bottom of the vinyl pocket.

5. Place a straight pin along the bottom fold through the backing fabric. The pin should run the same direction as the bottom of the

purse. Place a pin from each end, with the head at the edges. This marks the bottom of the purse.

6. Fold the back fabric forward at the pin line. This will bring the back right sides together over the front of the purse and the vinyl pocket. Be sure the pins remain lined up at the bottom of the purse.

7. Line up the sides and pin in place. While pinning, open one zipper to allow for turning the purse right side out.

8. Sew 1⁄4" along both sides and the remaining end. There will be extra fabric near this end. The back was cut longer to allow for seam allowances at the zippers.

9. Cut away the excess fabric from the end.

10. Trim the corners on this end. DO NOT TRIM the corners on the vinyl pocket end!!! It was trimmed in step 2. If you do, it will create a hole in the bottom of your purse. (How do I know?)

11. Turn right side out through one zipper opening. Use a point turner in the corners.


1. Cut the strap to the desired length.

2. Snap on the 0A Foot. Engage the IDTTM system. Butt the ends of the strap together and join with a 3-Step Zig Zag.

3. Fold the bag in half, showing a zipper on both sides.

4. Bring the joined seam of the strap to the center, and place it underneath the fold of the purse. Pin in place.

5. From the back side, straight stitch the strap to the purse through all layers.

You can now wear your "Travel Purse" over your shoulder if you kept the strap long, or you can tie the strap shorter to hang on your neck.

Your friends will want one, too, so be sure to save your instructions!

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