Furoshiki: Make a Summer Bag for Every Outfit

furoshiki bag main

furoshiki bag main

Have you ever wished that you could change your handbag as easily as you change clothing? If so, this idea is for you.

During my recent trip to Japan I learned this trick for utilizing furoshiki. Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. They are used for everything from an impromptu shopping bag to giftwrap. The introduction of inexpensive paper and plastic bags nearly brought the use of furoshiki to extinction, but they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to their "green" nature - the perfect recyclable gift wrap! There are even instructional sites on how to wrap with furoshiki.

Furoshiki can come in any possible size but for this bag I would recommend at least a 20" square. Small squares look best on dainty handles, and vice versa. For this 'handbag" you will no doubt want to vary the size depending on the day's activities. Of course you don't need to have an 'official' furoshiki. You can use a scarf, or a simple hemmed piece of fabric. That's why this is the perfect summer bag - made in seconds with any fabric you can tie!

What you will need:

1 set of round purse handles, available at Pacific Fabrics

1 square/rectangle of fabric

The scarf shown in the photo is 34" x 34". The faux bamboo handles are bulky, so they look best with a larger piece of fabric. The size and 'look' can be varied by the size of the knot tied. Click on any image to see a larger photo.

furioshiki bag step 1Step 1: Fold the rectangle in half

furoshiki bag step 2Step 2: Pull the corners through the ring, from the "front" to the "back"

furoshiki bag step 3Step 3: Bring the corners around to the "front"

furioshiki bag step 4Step 4: Tie! Adjust the knot size to adjust the bag size. Make sure that the opening is large enough to put your hand into. Repeat for the other side.

furoshiki bag finalWasn't that easy? Now I think I need a variety of round handles for various occasions. I think a simple polished ring with a lovely silk scarf would make a beautiful and unique evening bag, don't you?



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