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Inspirational Show and Tell

Inspirational Show and Tell

We recently posted a blog about stitchable teddy bears...stuffed bears that are specially designed to be embroidered on. These teddies have been a hot selling item this holiday season. Gayle, a reader of our blog shared with us her success story with these bears and included pictures of the bears that she stitched for the children in her family.

"I recently purchased 9 of these teddy bears to do for all the kids in the family for Christmas. I wanted to use the 5×7 hoop and make larger pictures plus personalize adding each child’s name. So I did this by removing the stuffing in the head also. Then I hooped everything; stabilizer, bear and topping. They were difficult to get hooped but with patience it can be done and they turned out adorable. I’m anxious now to see the kids open them. Each had a theme – one child played football for the first time this year so his had a football player on it with his team colors, others were soccer players, the two girls are in high school so I put cheerleaders on theirs in their school colors. Great gift ideas!"- Gayle

These bears turned out great, thank you for sharing these pictures with us Gayle! I am sure the kids in her family will be delighted to receive these bears. I love that each teddy has been customized to fit each child's particular interest. I would have loved to receive a bear with my name on it when I was a little girl!

Do you have any inspirational show and tells you would like to share with our readers? Tell us in the comments!

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