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Little Monsters Sock T-Shirt Project

Little Monsters Sock T-Shirt Project

This is an adorable kid's t-shirt that uses socks as sleeves! It's a very easy project to create...all you need is a children’s short-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of socks for the sleeves and the Anita Goodesign Little Monsters Embroidery Design Pack.

1. The first step is to center and embroider the monster of your choice onto the t-shirt. Each monster has a thick stitched border that holds the applique down. You can either make this stitch white or the color of the shirt. The example shown is white as it makes the monster stand out even more!

1. Embroider the monster design on the shirt


2. The next step is to take the pair of socks and cut the foot part off the sock at the ankle. Pin the cut part of the sock to the shirt sleeve. Make sure the cut end of the sock extends past the top stitch of the sleeve.

2. Adult sized knee socks work well


3. Stitch the sock to the sleeve. Follow the top stitch that was used to stitch the sleeve hem. You can match the thread to the thread already used on the t-shirt.

3. Stitch the sock to the sleeve


4. You can further embellish the shirt with different types of trims. The finished example has a pom-pom trim and decorative ribbon as added detail. You can also glue googly eyes on the monster for even more fun! You can use a onesie in place of the t-shirt and create a unique and adorable baby gift!

Little Monsters Design Pack

The Little Monsters design pack features 12 adorably mischievous designs geared toward the toddler-youth age group. They look great on these unique sock t-shirts as well as backpacks, blankets, jackets, and even quilts!

This project is courtesy of the official Anita Goodesign blog! Check it out for more great project ideas!

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