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Live From PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Part 3

Live From PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Part 3

Today was a very fun 5D Suite day for sure! In the 3rd in the series of my software Certification classes, I got to focus quite a bit on Design Creator.

I am not even sure that I can pinpoint one thing that is my favorite. Everything I learned has been so great and these new features just blow me away! Surely I will forget something, so I will just tell you about a couple of things that jumped out at me today;

Gradient Fills—the 5D Suite now allows us, in Design Creator, to fill an area with multiple colors of thread and they all blend together. This is a great effect if you are wanting to have a shaded effect or very different colors in one area. The thing that amazes me is how easy it is. I have worked with several different brands of embroidery software. that can create a multi colored fill. but none have been this easy or turn out as nice. With 5D you can even use as many colors as you like. How cool is that?

Cutwork and Free Standing Lace—oh my, where do I start? I never even imagined that creating your own free standing embroidery and cut work with Richelieu bars could be so easy! This is one type of embroidery that I had just assumed that I would not make on my own. Just to much to have to think about—that was then. In reality, these features are just as easy and telling the software to fill in an area with a click of the mouse.

Another thing that I am truly appreciating about the new 5D Suite is that everything is just so much easier to use. It seems like the programmers have really listened to what we have asked for. Even better yet, they have gone beyond and anticipated what we may want—even before we know that we do. Simple things can make using the software so much more friendly and fun; such as, having the zoom bar accessible all of the time, being able to group selected designs together and move them all at once, being able to easily change your mind about a choice you have made in Design Creator, or just having the tools organized in a logical and easy to understand way.

It has been such a fun day full of great new things learned in 5D. I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I get to take a class that is beyond the certification classes. Then I will get to see so much more of what the program can do. I can only imagine what the day will hold.


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