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Live from PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Software Part 1

Live from PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Software Part 1

Finally I am in Minneapolis, MN at the annual Pfaff convention! I have just seen some of the things that the NEW 5D Embroidery Software can do. Boy am I excited! Some of the exciting changes are:

5D Embroidery

  • The screen appearance is fresh and large. It seems like the icons are easier to see.
  • There are new wizards that will assist in making planning and designing so much easier.
  • Measurements are given in both inches and millimeters without having to change any settings.
  • Fonts styles are easy to see and quicker to get to.
  • If you want text to arc over your design it will automatically do that for you.
  • Background images up to 72” (that’s quilt size) can be used for planning right in the basic screen of 5D. Then those large embroidery plans can be split into sewable chunks without leaving the screen and going to a different program.

5D Design Creator

  • Multi Color Gradient—fill an area with a blending of different colors.
  • Real Time Editing—see the changes to your design as you make them.

5D Portrait Stitch !!NEW!!

  • Create wonderful full color designs from photographs.
  • Even has a tapestry feature that will make your photo look like needlework.

The NEW 5D Embroidery Software looks so easy and fun to use and yet it has so much more than imagined! Later today I will be able to get my hands on it and play. I will keep you posted.

Stay tuned!


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