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Live from PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Software Part 2

Live from PFAFF Convention: 5D Embroidery Software Part 2

Now that I have had a chance to play with the 5D Suite—I am even more impressed!

One of my favorite features of the 4D Suite is Encore. This feature is even better in the 5D Suite. You might be wondering what Encore is; This is a feature in the software that allows you to take an embroidery design and automatically repeat as many times as you like in a line or a circle. You can also have it make a frame around the perimeter of your hoop using your embroidery design.

5D Suite gives us so many more options and can do so much more than previously imagined. In addition to the basic line, circle, and hoop 5D Suite has added an additional 31 shapes and shaped lines that your embroidery designs can follow.

Another thing that I like about Encore in 5D is the ability to use more than one embroidery design in your new Encore design. In the “Kendall’s Stuff” design that I created here, I chose a scallop and a daisy (both are built into the software). Then in Encore I chose a star shape for the daisy and scallop to follow. The software automatically added enough repeats to fill in the shape.

In the floral example, you can see the simple floral scallop that I used to create the beautiful frame to the right.

There are so many applications for the new features of Encore. I can hardly wait to use them all. I just know you will have as much fun with this new software as I am! For a complete preview of this great new software, be sure to sign up for one of my free 5D Preview Classes that I am teaching next week at many Quality Sewing locations.

I get more hands-on time with this software tomorrow. Stay tuned for more!


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