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Making Custom Badges With Your Embroidery Machine

Recently I received this embroidery tip from Pfaff regarding making badges and patches using the applique shapes in 3D/4D. What a great idea! The directions are, of course, for doing this project using 3D/4D, but the same idea can be applied to many different brands of machines and embroidery programs. Enjoy! --Katrina

Whether you are making badges for a kids' group or your golf club, the Pfaff creative 3DTM or creative 4DTM Embroidery Software has some great tools to get you started making borders for use when creating badges.

Open creative 3DTM or creative 4DTM Embroidery. Choose the 100x100mm hoop.Shapes 1

Choose from Shapes 1, the badge in the 3rd row 2nd column. Change the size to 95mm, then Apply or Enter. This is a very nice shape for a badge.


For a larger badge, the satin stitches may be too wide and catch when

wearing. Add a pattern to the satin to break up the stitches.


the right side of the page there are two buttons – Satin and Fill.

Because this shape consists of satin stitches, choose satin. A dialog

box comes up that lets you choose satin properties. Choose pattern 3

then 12 and see what the satin changes to. Try other patterns.


Pattern 0 Pattern 3 Pattern 12


Use a pattern for any satin shape. It gives nice texture to the shapes and helps when there are long stitches.

Another great tool is in creative 3DTM and creative 4DTM Stitch Editor (for creative 4DTM, this is part of the creative 4DTM Design Enhancer package). You can make a border with a consistent width no matter how large you make the border.Boat

On the Modify tab find the Border (creative 3DTM) or Border/Applique (creative 4DTM) tools. Choose a 100x100mm hoop. Go into Preferences Preferences icon. Click the Border tab. Here is where you choose the border width, density, color and if you want underlay for your border.

In creative 3DTM Stitch Editor you can make a rectangle, ellipse or polygon border.

Choose any design and bring it into the program. Choose the Rectangle border tool Rectangle border icon. Click and drag to create a rectangle in the hoop. Don't worry if you touch the original design.Square border

Now click the Create Border tool Create border icon.

A border comes around the design in a new window. Notice at the bottom

there is a new tab with the design name and "b" after it. Your original

design is still intact in the previous window. Click on the original

design tab and then go back to your "design_b" tab. This will refresh

the screen and bring up the border color in the design tab.Color select

Go to the Design tab and right click on the border (last) color. The border should be hidden. Make Block from Visible Area Make block icon then Delete. Your border is still hidden. Click Draw All Stitches Draw all stitches icon. Your border is finished.

In creative 4DTM

Stitch Editor, you have many options for borders. Either draw your own

shape with the Polygon Draw or choose one of the 50 shapes included!

You can even make the border an appliqué automatically.Shield outline

Choose New New icon and on the Modify tab, choose shape number 25 and then Draw Border Shape Draw border shape icon. Click and drag the shape in your hoop. Now choose Create External Border or Create External Applique Create External icons.Shield border


In Help, Contents, read the Border and Applique chapter to learn a lot

more about how to create external and internal borders and appliqués with designs.

That's it. You have created a shield that you can use for your badge!

Best wishes from Pfaff.

To test-drive a Pfaff and see machine embroidery in action, please be sure to visit the Pfaff experts at your local Quality Sewing and Vacuum.

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