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New Product: Creative Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit

New Product: Creative Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit

Are you like me and just love fun toys? I get so excited when there is something fun and new! Embroidery is wonderful and it just gets better all of the time. At this years Pfaff Convention they introduced the Creative Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit. See video demonstration here.

These specially designed needles and embroidery designs do your cutwork for you! Using the specially created embroidery designs and the cutting needles instead of regular needles, the fabric is cut while it embroiders.

Just above where the eye normally is, the needle is shaped into a knife like wedge that does the cutting for you. The needles are inserted into your machine just like a normal needle. The set comes with 4 needles, each with a different angled tip and 5 special cutwork embroidery designs to get you going. And all at a very affordable price!

Just imagine the all the beautiful things that you will be able to create! All without even picking up a pair of scissors! To see more of the fun new stuff that we saw at convention be sure to attend one of our Annual Tech Parties. You get a free $5 Gift Card to Quality Sewing just for attending!


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