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Quick and Easy Towel Angel Project

Quick and Easy Towel Angel Project

This is a fast and fun idea for a quick holiday gift. I received one last year for Christmas from a very creative friend. All you need to create this unique angel are two kitchen towels, a matching hot pad, a package of extra wide, double fold bias tape, a couple yards of ribbon and some trim of your choice. Fabric scraps work well for the trim. It will be stitched across the bottom of the towels.

Completed Towel Angel

1. Apply the trim to one towel. Make accordion pleats the length of the towel at approx 1 ½”. Steam iron the pleats in place. Fold the towel in half and tie the middle about 2” below the fold to create the body of the angel.

2. Cut the second towel to the approx size of a washcloth (Just measure one you have at home). Hem all sides and add matching trim to the top edge. Accordion pleat at about 1 ¼” intervals and steam iron in place. Fold in half and place on top of the angel body and tie in place. This creates the head and arms of your angel.

3. Accordion pleat the hot pad and tie to the back of the angel with ribbon. Your angel is now complete! Keep it to adorn your house for the holidays or make someone happy by sharing your creativity with them.


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