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Reva's Tips: Color Me Pretty

Reva's Tips: Color Me Pretty

I just love embroidery thread. It is so pretty and looking at all the colors simply makes me happy. Oh, and the more the better! Do any of you share this disorder?

Lately, I have been struggling with the best way to organize my threads so that they are both easy to find and to put away. Previously, I sorted my threads by brands. I would keep my Floriani together, my Madeira together and my specialty threads like metallics together. That all sounds logical, but I have found that I am missing color opportunities or just forget that I have a specific type of thread. The new system that I plan for my threads is to organize it by color; all brands and types together (it's ok, they will all get along with each other). This way when I want a pink it will be easy to find the perfect shade from all the pinks that I have. One way to implement this system is by using different drawers for the different color families. For me this provides a bit of a challenge. While I have a nice-sized sewing space, there is really no space to add in drawer units to update my thread storage in this way. Not to mention, purchasing drawers may be more of an investment than I am wanting to make. Although my floor space is occupied, I do have open wall space, so why not go vertical? This past fall, RNK (the makers of Floriani threads and stabilizers) came out with thread racks and stabilizer racks. These are very economical solutions, and the Thread Rack holds 60 spools of thread! Just imagine, a beautiful thread rainbow on your wall with all the pretty shades of embroidery thread. Who needs wall art? I can't imagine anything more lovely!

I know that stabilizer is not as pretty, and the rolls are awkward and difficult to keep organized. This is where the thread rack's companion, the Stabilizer Rack, will come in handy to my new plan for the utilization of wall space. There are 5 "shelves" and can hold at least 15 rolls of stabilizer. I'm thinking that I will use a "shelf" for each type: cut-away, wash-away, tear-away, toppers, and power mesh. To make them more pretty and for added ease of identification of the stabilizer type, I think the new Kimberbell Stabilizer Slap Bands will be a perfect addition.

Stabilizer Rack

If you are in an "organization mood" look at your main go-to supplies. Is your current method of organization working for you? If not, what will help you have more fun in your sewing space and make your supplies easier to access and put away? Don't forget to consider using the unclaimed vertical wall space, it may be just the perfect solution.

Happy Organizing,


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