Reva's Tips: Why on Earth Would I Want Embroidery Software?

I love technology and computer stuff. What I really love is using embroidery software. Digitizing (creating embroidery designs from artwork) is so much fun for me but I know this is not the case for everyone. So lets chat for just a minute about the everyday uses for embroidery software. Embroidery software does so much more than simply creating designs from scratch.

Here are some of the most sought after features that you will enjoy using in your embroidery software:

• View Designs - See what your design actually looks like (without software you can't see what they look like on your computer).

• Adjust an embroidery design - Change thread colors, angle and position of design to suit your project.

• Edit a design - resize, duplicate elements and even delete bits and pieces of your design.

• Built in lettering and fonts - Personalize your project in the lettering style of your choice.

• Open other Formats - Use designs even if they are not in the language that your machine uses.

• Combine Designs - Add multiple designs together to make your own custom arrangement.

• Print design info and templates - get a list, in order, of thread colors in design and print off true size temp.

How are you going to become comfortable using your embroidery software? The answer is quite simple. Choose a project that will benefit from customizing with software and make it happen:

• Pick a design and change the colors to match the print in a fabric or to match a room's decor.

• Change the size of a design so it is just the right size for what you need.

• Add lettering to a design to personalize a gift for a friend.

• Change the size of a design so it is just the right size for what you need.

• Find a part of a design that you like and copy it to another design to make it custom.

• Use your software to make something unique and enjoy every stitch!

Happy Sewing,



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