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Daylight Sewing Lights

Where I live there is a beautiful scene out every window. Living in the country and by cows has its perks! I suppose if I lived in town I would still like to look out and see what the world was up to. It is my preference to have my machine face toward a window so I can enjoy the view and sew by the natural light. I have both north and west facing windows in my room. Now if your windows face west, you might not want to be directly facing the sun in the afternoon (It might give lovely light, but for me it is too bright). At the first setup for my space, I had my sewing table up against the wall under a window. Once I got sewing furniture with a flip up back, I rotated around so that my back was to the window and the flip out faced the middle of the room. The light was good, but no view. Eventually, I felt the need to adjust my layout again to improve my view. I moved my machines over to the opposite side of the room to easily access and use the flip up feature of my sewing furniture for cutting, laying out of my project or doing other crafty things. The drawback of this arrangement is that this corner of my room does not have great lighting, even less in the evenings and winter months. To correct this challenge, I found it necessary to supplement my lighting.

Daylight Sewing Lights
Why is natural light important?
  •  Less eye strain


    • Accurate viewing of fabric and thread colors


      • More lighting means less shadows


        • Natural lighting just plain makes you feel happier!


          Newer sewing machines have fantastic lighting, but sometimes more is needed around the sewing area. Natural lighting is my first choice, so I looked for a “natural lighting” solution. Technology today provides lamp and lighting choices where the bulbs show colors in the natural and accurate color spectrum and are long-lasting with energy efficient bulbs… perfect! I added a Daylight Floor Lamp to the side of my sewing area and an additional table lamp in the back corner of my space for my secondary machines and small cutting/pressing area.

          These lamps illuminate so well and provide a nice, natural-style lighting, so stitching can continue well into the evening without eyes getting tired from strain. I first used and fell in love with this style of lighting at quilt retreats where sewing areas are quite dark. In this situation a portable lamp is wonderful. It can even be in a “to-go” sewing bag.

          Sew long and be illuminated!


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