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Reva's Tips: Out With The Old & In With The New... Fill in the Blank!

Reva's Tips: Out With The Old & In With The New... Fill in the Blank!

The new year has begun and if you are like me, I am ready for a fresh fun start. What fun things do you have planned?

Bring on the New!

One thing that I am very excited about for 2021 is Kimberbell's new monthly program called Fill in the Blank (no membership required). Each month there is one specific Kimberbell product (a blank) that when purchased, comes with an exclusive design along with project instructions. The designs and instructions provided are for both sewing and machine embroidery. These exclusive designs and instructions are not something you can buy. You can only get them for FREE when you purchase the specific coordinating blank for that month. Each month there will be a new featured blank available for purchase and a new exclusive design to accompany it. No need to sign up for anything, just shop in our stores or on our website. When you come in to purchase your blank, make sure to bring a USB stick so we can put the files on it for you. If you shop online, then you will be able to download the files.

What is a blank?

A blank is an unembellished item like a tea towel, baby onesie, or a tote bag that is blank and just waiting for you to embroider or applique on it.

Imagine all the fun you will have creating a new cute project with an EXCLUSIVE design from Kimberbell. If that was not enough, every month I will be doing a tutorial video on making that project so that you can sew along at your own pace at home.

Will you be joining me? We would love to see your finished projects so make sure to share pictures of your projects with us by posting to our social media pages using the hashtag #qualitysewing. You can also mention us by including @qualitysewing.

Important Note:

Each month we will have a limited supply of the featured Kimberbell blank. This means you will want to shop early to make sure you get yours & your exclusive design files. Once the blanks are gone, they are gone and we cannot get more. We will also have the other Kimberbell products suggested for the project available for purchase in the store.

Out with the Old!

Now that we are excited about something new… let's talk about the old things hanging around our sewing rooms.

Unfinished previously started projects that have lost their zeal can feel like a heavy weight that stifles one's creativity. The same goes for leftover materials that just seem to be in your way and taking up space.

I challenge you to do some "creative clean-up". Now, I'm not suggesting throwing everything away or going on an "old project only" diet, let's make this satisfying. Take some time and Identify the projects that you would like to finish up. Start with a pile of just two or three and then make another small stack when those are complete. Put them in a place that is easy to get to and just pick up one and start! Batting scraps, extra fabrics… can any of these excess materials be used to complete it? Could they be used for scrappy backs or smaller projects? Tackle just one project at a time using up your excess stash resources and you will make a dent in both "creative weights" at the same time.

Make your creative new year fun and satisfying. Keeping the creative joy while finishing up old previously started projects requires balance. You will need to decide how much old to mix in with the new.

Once you have tackled your first two or three OLD projects, reward yourself with a fun NEW adventure. Maybe the Kimberbell Fill in the Blank will be your reward for a project well finished!

Happy Sewing,


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