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Reva's Tips: It's a Pressing Situation

Clover Roll and Press

I just love both quilting and creating projects in the embroidery hoop. The thing that I find frustrating when working on these projects is the constant upping and downing going back and forth to the ironing board. I guess you can say that the truth of the matter is that I am impatient. I just want to move on to the next step right away.

What I generally do to speed up the process is to finger press my seams as I go and only venture to the iron when I have completed quilt blocks or have completed a hooping of a project and it is time to rehoop the fabric.

There are different tools available to aid with finger pressing. Besides the obvious (my own fingers) I have used a wooden iron, a Hera marker and even the handle of my scissors.

I have finally found a new tool that works so much better than anything else I have tried. It is called the "Roll & Press" from Clover. The secret to success is the roller. The roller is tapered and concentrates the pressure on the actual seam without causing the seam allowance to imprint on the right side of the fabric. You will notice right away that since the tool is rolling over the surface and not rubbing on the surface fabric distortion is not an issue. The pressed seam is nice and crisp and is nearly as good as an iron can get it.

 Clover Roll and Press

Keep Clover Roll & Press next to your sewing machine to press seams flat in an instant. Ideal for paper piecing or laminates, this tool won't pull, stress, or distort fabric and it prevents a seam impression on right side of your project. Measures 4-7/8" long. 

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Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot

There are even more things that I appreciate about this tool. You will first notice that it has a nice strong handle that is easy to hold on to. It is willing to accept the pressure of use as seams are rolled. Another huge benefit is that it is extremely portable, no electricity necessary. I have enjoyed this tool so much that I have two; one that I keep next to my sewing machine and one in my "to go bag" so I can always have it on hand when sewing with friends away from home. Happy Sewing, ~Reva

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