Reva's Tips: ScanNCut Tips for a Fun Holiday Season

Reva's Tips: ScanNCut Tips for a Fun Holiday Season

I love it when the holidays are filled with fun creative activities and the joy of giving something special to someone you care about.

It is so much fun when both the joy of making and the joy of giving can be done together.

One fun tool that I like to use for fast projects is my ScanNCut DX Autoblade Machine. This makes cutting easy and precise. It is so easy to cut everything from thin adhesive vinyl to heavy glitter cardstock and fabrics. All you need to do is adjust the type of blade being used and choose the correct mat for the materials.

I found several fun projects and full instructions for them on the Brother Canvas Workspace site. Take a look, you are sure to find several inspiring projects. In addition to those, I created a couple of projects myself using fonts in my computer and some simple clipart in Workspace.

While working on my vinyl projects, I found that my project was not coming out as clean as I liked. Some of the lines had points in the corners, some were lifted or pulled. In addition to that, weeding was a chore! (Note: Weeding is removing the unwanted vinyl from your project leaving only the desired design.) Sometimes one design may be more difficult to weed than another. I really struggled with the mug that says “Enjoy the Little Things” I worked on this for quite some time, over 20 minutes, was frustrated and not happy at all with my results.

In August, Brother came out with the new Vinyl Autoblade Kits but I had not yet picked one up. I knew that it was a good thing, but figured that I would be just fine for my project. Boy, was I mistaken! I popped that Vinyl Autoblade into my SNC DX and recut my design. What a world of difference! The vinyl cut beautifully and took about 30 seconds to weed. I will never use anything else for my vinyl projects!!

I guess I learned another lesson on using the right tool for the job. With the right tools and equipment, a quick project can be just that: quick. However, it may not be quite so quick otherwise.

Make sure to take a look at our website for my informational blog about different mat and blade combinations for different materials to be cut and project pictures of the projects I made that can be found on Brother Canvas Workspace. May all of your holiday projects be fun and quick!

Happy Sewing,


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