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Reva's Tips: Thread, Thread, and MORE THREAD!

Reva's Tips: Thread, Thread, and MORE THREAD!

There are so many thread choices. What is the difference between them and what would you use them for?

Let’s take a look at three unique types of thread that are rather unique and see what makes them special.

Before we begin, let us talk about thread weights. The weight of thread refers to the thickness of that thread. Here’s the tricky part. The larger the weight number of the thread, the thinner the thread is, and the lower the weight the thicker.

Embellish Matte Thread

This is a 40 wt polyester thread, which is a normal weight for embroidery thread. What makes this thread so unique is its matte finish. The matte finish makes this thread quite versatile.

  •  It is perfect for embroidery, decorative stitching, and even quilting. This thread gives a beautiful finish that looks like hand embroidery floss. Why not use cotton then, you ask? Well, polyester Matte thread is very strong, lint-free (great for our high-speed machines), and is not affected by bleach. Not to mention that the Matte thread comes in some of the most beautiful colors.


    • I have been enjoying this thread for decorative stitching and even for quilting both on my embroidery machine and my longarm machine. There are many famous longarm quilters who use polyester thread for quilting. It is even great for applique, even with a blanket stitch. There is no shine so it is a perfect match.


      • The Embellish Matte Thread Color Pallet is fresh, modern and a great compliment to other embroidery threads. It is completely ok to mix matte and shiny threads in the same design.

         Embellish Flawless Thread

        Flawless thread is a thinner thread with a weight of just 60. Other than the weight, it has the same properties as standard embroidery thread in terms of shine strength and washability. There are many great uses for this weight of thread.

        •  Since it is finer, it is absolutely perfect for small lettering. Have you ever embroidered out letters and they end up looking like blobs of thread? Try the Flawless thread and you will love the difference.


        • Precise outlines is what you will get with this 60 wt thread. Think back on embroidery designs that have a black outline around them and how the fine details, like eyes, are thick and indistinguishable. Not so much the case when a finer thread is used for outlining. TIP: consider using a dark color other than black for outlines to give a softer finish.


          • Additionally, when used with intricate designs with detail and shading, you will get absolutely beautiful results. It is like using a fine tip pen versus a marker.


            • Flawless also is perfect to use as a bobbin thread. Not only will you have the opportunity to match the bobbin thread to your project fabric color but you will find that your embroidery is softer due to less bulk on the backside.


              • At this time there are 120 colors that compliment the standard Floriani Embroidery Threads.

                 Floriani Heavy 12 wt Embroidery Thread

                This is the new kid in town. As with the others that we have discussed this is a beautiful polyester embroidery thread. This thread has a high sheen and is also resistant to bleach and fading. What makes this so much fun is that it is quite heavy, I’d say about a bit more than three times the thickness of a standard embroidery thread. Another plus is that since it is made of polyester, you will find it to be virtually lint-free and very strong. You will find that it will easily pass through the eye of a machine’s needle (I like a 90 or 100 topstitch needle).

                •  When used with standard embroidery, you will find that your stitches raise up off of the fabric more and are far more attention getting. Really makes an impact.


                  • If you enlarge a design on your machine and it results in a “sparse” embroidery fill, the extra weight of this thread will fill in better than a typical 40 wt thread.


                    • It is also a great thread to use for decorative stitches. If you would like a stitch to really have a presence, give the 12 wt a try. The result can have more of an appearance like what is found on expensive braids and trims. Note: always test the stitch first to make sure that it is compatible with the thread.


                      • Beautiful topstitching is a sure thing when using a thread that will stand out. Just think about that lovely handbag that you admire and the bold topstitches that adorn it. A 12 weight thread is absolutely perfect for this. It is even strong enough to sew and seam leather projects. One thing to consider when using this thread for a topstitch is to lengthen the stitch so it is between 3.5mm - 4.5mm in length, depending on the look you are wanting. It is quite lovely as a finishing stitch on cork projects too.


                        Happy Sewing,

                        ~ Reva

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