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Reva's Tips: Trimming Tips

Quilters Select Wave Scissors

Like many of you, I enjoy applique projects using my embroidery machine. This of course calls for the trimming of fabric around the shape to be appliqued. Here are a few things that will make your trimming a cut above!

  • Give it room—Give yourself a large enough piece of fabric to hold onto. Using a piece that just barely fits will be difficult to hold onto for close trimming and give you “fits”.
  • Get Close—The trick for great trimming is a two part challenge:
    1. Trim close enough to the tack down threads so it will not show outside of the satin stitches and
    2. Not so close that the tack down stitches are clipped and the fabric ends up inside the stitched line.
  • Give it a lift— To get a great “close enough but not too close” trim of the appliqué fabric, I gently lift straight up on the fabric outside the applique area and use the lower blade of my scissor to hold the fabric down. This allows trimming right up against the stitch line.
  • Use the best tool—Using a great sharp pair of scissors will be your best bet! There are many different styles of scissors to choose from so choose one that is comfortable for you.
There is a new applique scissor on the market that I am enjoying quite a lot. It is the new Wave Scissors from Quilters Select.

Quilters Select Wave Scissors Quilters Select Wave Scissors

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot


These scissors are more streamlined and dainty than traditional Duckbilled Applique scissors. This slimmer profile is great for use with applique both small and large. It also has a narrow, fine tip that allows you to snip into those hard to reach areas. Another great feature that you will appreciate is that the finger grips in the handle are larger in size than most scissors, giving a more comfortable experience while cutting. Not to mention easier to pick up and put down.

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