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Quilters Select Spring Bundle

Sometimes we find a product with which we find great success and enjoy using for years. Other times we use the same product over and over because that is "just what we use" and either don't know of anything better or just don't bother to try something new.

Recently RNK (the creators and makers of Floriani products) partnered up with quilting star Alex Anderson and created a whole line of products, Quilters Select, created with the quilter in mind.

While some of these products sound like what you use for embroidery, they are lighter in weight and designed to give great results in the creation of quilts without stiffness or bulk.

I am not a "quilter" but I do enjoy making the occasional quilt and have very much enjoyed working with the Quilters Select products. If you have not tried any of these, I suggest that you do. In fact, at a recent trade show RNK released a limited-edition bundle of QS products. It has one of just about each of my favorite QS products in it. It is a fantastic way to make sure that I have them on hand as a resource when needed. After all, there is nothing worse than needing a notion or tool when you want to be creative and not to have it on hand!

I thought that I would give you a brief description of some items that come in this great bundle:

30 Decorative Quilting Designs - This speaks for itself. These are embroidery quilting designs. I must say, my favorite way to quilt for sure!!

Quilters Select Stabilizing Basics - this DVD has all the info of what to use when and how - great at 10:00pm when you just need to know!

Select Cutaway - super thin and soft that has a temporary fusible to stabilize fabric and blocks, great for t-shirt quilts, create beautiful applique or keep your blocks stable while adding borders.

Select Tearaway - very light weight with a temporary fusible. Great to support fabric when sewing decorative stitches or applique and is easily torn away without damaging threads and it can even be used for hooped embroidery.

Select Print and Piece Sheets - versatile product with many uses. Made of partially water-soluble fibers and has a temporary fusible on one side. Great for Applique (just run them through your printer or trace your pattern), supports heavy decorative stitching and satin stitching.

Select Appli-Stitch Tape 1/4" - One side is sticky and repositionable and the other is fusible. This is especially great for putting on your binding.

Quilters Select Spring Bundle Quilters Select Spring Bundle
$300 Only $99!

Pfaff Multi-Line Decorative Foot


I wish you much success on your next sewing adventure!

Happy Sewing,



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