Machine Embroidery

Scan Feature

The Best just got Better! Owners of the Brother Quattro and the Baby Lock Ellisimo now have an opportunity to add

even more innovative features to their incredible machine. Now with the Brother Quattro Upgrade or the Baby Lock Ellissimo Upgrade, you can have these amazing new tools to make your embroidery even easier:

Resize – The upgraded Quattro and Elissimo can resize a design while keeping the density the same as the original design. It can reduce by 50% and increase by 200%. The recalculation is done very quickly and very accurately. This huge time saver

means no more running to the computer for a size adjustment. It can even adjust the density on a design that is too dense or too sparse by using the density

adjustment feature.

Scan – The upgraded Quattro or Elissimo can scan the garment or fabric in the hoop anddisplay the image on its full color Sharp HD-LCD screen. This makes it a simple task to get the design in the exact location desired. Simply touch the design on

the screen and move it to any location. A design can be precisely placed above a pocket or between buttonholes while both the garment and the design are viewed on screen. Designs can still be edited by rotating or flipping to get things perfect.

Bobbin work – A special bobbin case set especially for bobbin work provides new exciting stitching options for sewing and embroidery too! Beautiful embroidery designs created especially for bobbin work are included in the package.

There are really just too many new things to list in this short blog. Stop by one of the Quality Sewing locations and take a close look at this exciting upgrade.

Happy Stitching,


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