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Sewing Tip from Reva: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Sewing Tip from Reva: Turn! Turn! Turn!

I was recently working on a project where I wanted to make an 18" Circle. My first thought was to raid the kitchen for a plate or platter. Guess what? I do not have anything that size in my kitchen. Not even my cake plate… in hindsight that would be one big cake, wouldn't it? In need of a solution, I remembered the trick to tie a string to a pencil and secure the other end of the string to the center of the fabric and draw (I've never been very good at this task). As I got myself set up to try to create my circle, it dawned on me that I had Nancy Zieman's Supersized 5-in-1 Tool and it was time to give this tool a try! All I can say is WOW and to report that I did indeed create an actual circle (no lumpy edges for me).

All you need to do is set the dark green cursor at the desired diameter needed for your circle. Then place center point of the clear rotating disc (found at end of gauge) directly on the center point of the circle. With your finger holding the clear disk in place over the center of your "soon to be circle" and a pen in the small hole (located in the dark green cursor), just rotate the pen around the clear center disk to create your circle. Since the green cursor locks into place, you can be confident that you circle will be nice and round! This tool can make circles 2-1/2" to 22". I definitely don't have enough plates for all these sizes!

Now that I had such success making my circle, I noticed all of the other great assistance that this tool can provide me (I knew it was a good tool, just had not given it much attention yet). Be sure to watch this video where I go over other great features that this tool has ready for you to use:

Enjoy your creativity!


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