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Sewing Tips from Reva: Make Those Threads Behave

Decorative threads, such as, Mylar and metallic can be so beautiful and add such interest to your project. There is one thing, besides their beauty, that they all have in common, they can be oh so very temperamental.

There are a couple of things that I have found to be helpful when working with theae styles of threads:

  •  Use the Right Needle - choose a needle that is designed for use with metallic threads. The front groove and the size/shape of the eye are made to accommodate this thread best.
  •  Slow it Down - sometimes a slower speed of stitching is helpful
  •  Longer Stitch - if the stitch you have chosen has many small stitches, try lengthening the pattern and see if that helps your sewing be smoother.
  •  Horizontal or Vertical - if the thread on the spool makes an "X" pattern, the thread should feed off of the end of the spool. If the thread on the spool is parallel, then it should pull from the side so that the spool turns as the thread is used.
  •  Spool Pin Adapter - An additional thread stand can be very useful to help the thread have time to relax before it starts it's business of creating a stitch.

If you love new innovations that make your sewing easier and more enjoyable (no one likes to fight with a crabby thread), you will love this new style of thread stand. The "Thread Director" fits right on your machine's existing spool stand and changes the thread's path so that metallic threads will spool off properly, keeping them from twisting and kinking while sewing, quilting, or embroidering. But the benefits you will enjoy are far greater than what it may seem! When using this specific spool adapter, you will find that you can sew at full speed with the most persnickety of threads (yes, I am talking about the beautiful but painful to use Mylar thread) with out thread breaks and the frustrations. I have tried so many tricks and workarounds to get that thread to give me nice results without the headaches. None have even come close to the pleasure of sewing with out breakage while using the Thread Director. It is so much more fun to complete projects quickly and to sew without worrying about having to re-thread the machine constantly.

Working with decorative threads should add beauty to your projects and make you happy when you use them. Set yourself up for success first and your projects with be event more enjoyable!

Happy Sewing,


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